Black Ops Cold War Midseason Update Brings The Slide Canceling Back

 Black Ops Cold War Midseason Update Brings The Slide Canceling Back

The iconic slide canceling movement will be making its way back to Black Ops Cold War in the Season 3 Reloaded update. So players are extremely happy to see that they will finally get to enjoy the movement once again. Slide canceling has been without a doubt the most amazing movement mechanic in the history of Call of Duty. Ever since this movement went live a few years ago, it has been a fan favorite. Allowing players to move across the map at a much faster pace than normal. Thus giving players a significant advantage during a battle fight.

Since the movement mechanic plays such a vital role, adding it back to the title was a moment of celebration for the whole community. Although it was available in Black Ops Cold War before, the devs nerfed it heavily rendering it almost ineffective. As players couldn’t slide cancel as efficiently as they previously used to. However, it has been buffed once again in the Season 3 Reloaded update of Black Ops Cold War. And so far it looks like the movement is back in the play in its true form. As players are once again knocking their foes down efficiently with this exceptional movement style.

The famous pro Christopher “Parasite” Duarte was the first to observe the significant buff in the midseason update. He was playing his first game on May 19, when he suddenly noticed that the slide canceling movement mechanic is back in its original shape. Allowing him to slide cancel as instantly as in the previous seasons. However, the devs didn’t highlight any such buff for the movement in the official patch notes. The only movement related changes in the update was about a trivial nerf. “The time it takes to crouch has been increased by 20ms”. The devs were pretty clear that this is the only change in the overall movements of the title.

Irrespective of what the devs said about the change in movement mechanics, other players are also observing a buffed slide canceling. As Eli “Standy” Bentz from the Minnesota ROKKR highlighted the fact that indeed the slide canceling is instant again, in his May 20 live stream. He said, “It’s how it used to be. It’s the same slide, but instead of coming out into a crouch, you just stand up faster”. However, due to the previous nerf, players had to complete the slide animation to pull this off. But with this buff rolling out, players won’t have to do that anymore.

All things said, we can’t say for sure why this buff was not mentioned in the official patch notes. Or will the devs ever admit it? But since the devs didn’t provide much detail on a lot of things, perhaps they forgot to mention this one as well. Needless to say, we will keep you updated in case anything comes up about this buff. In the meantime, check out how you can learn to slide cancel on the controller and PC.

Hassan Shahzad