Black Ops Cold War Gets Tactical Nuke In Its Multiplayer Mode

 Black Ops Cold War Gets Tactical Nuke In Its Multiplayer Mode

Black Ops Cold War has received a new Killstreaks called Tactical Nuke in the Season 3 Reloaded update. However, this weapon of mass destruction comes only in the latest limited time mode event called Die Hardpoint, themed after John McClane’s movie Die Hard.

Calling in a nuclear strike has been the ultimate brag for many Call of Duty players. The Nuke first went live in Modern Warfare as a power-up weapon. Later, it was introduced in the sequel of Modern Warfare. Finally, the players could earn this killstreak in Modern Warfare 2019 after killing 25 enemies straight away. After realizing the huge success of this killstreak, almost every Call of Duty franchise introduced it in their multiplayer modes. Although their names were a bit different, they all performed pretty much the same function, whipping out the entire lobby.

It came with the name “MOAB” in Modern Warfare 3 and “K.E.M Strike” in the Ghosts. Similarly, Advanced Warfare and Infinity War had their own 30-kill spin-offs of the killstreak. And it was simply termed “Nuke” in CoD Mobile. Now, it about time that Black Ops Cold War jumps on the bandwagon as well. While there was no mention of this killstreak in the official patch notes of the Season 3 Reloaded update, players soon noticed that the surprising killstreak has been added to the title secretly.

Now, players have to keep in mind that this killstreak is only accessible in the John McClane mode, “Die Hardpoint”. And in order to acquire Tactical Nuke in Cold War, players will have to finish off 25 enemies at once without dying. So far there’s no limitation as to which weapon you have to use to kill these 25 enemies. Get whatever weapon you feel good with and send them foes straight to death. After successfully eliminating 25 opponents, this killstreak will appear like every other power-up on the right side of your screen. From there on, it’s your decision when you want to activate it.

Like every other nuke killstreaks, once you activate Tactical Nuke, it shows a countdown on your screen right before wiping out every opponent on the map. Once everyone on the map is dead, they will respawn and continue the match forward from that point. However, in Modern Warfare, activating this killstreak not only kills everyone but also puts an end to the match.

Nonetheless, there’s no saying as to how long will players be able to enjoy this new killstreak. Since it is only available in the Die Hardpoint LTM which will end soon. And only time can tell whether Tactical Nuke will still be available in the title or not. However, we will update you guys right away if the devs decide to remove this killstreak from Cold War. in the meanwhile, you can enjoy the latest slide canceling buff.

Hassan Shahzad