Apex Legends Steam Version Achieves A New Player Count Record

 Apex Legends Steam Version Achieves A New Player Count Record

Apex Legends, released by Respawn Entertainment in February 2019, is one of the leading battle royale games in the world. Shortly after its release, the game attracted millions of players within weeks. The surprising thing was that there was no prior announcement or marketing for the game. It was released as a surprise. The reason? Well, the developers wanted players to test the game out themselves instead of solely relying on advertisements.

Apex Legends’ Journey

Since its release, the game has gone through many ups and downs. Although it had around 50 million players at the end of its first month, this number soon started to decline. Players were facing multiple issues with the game, such as bugs and glitches. This was one of the reasons why most of them decide to leave it as they were unable to play it properly. In the same month, its viewership on Twitch also started to decrease.

This was the moment Respawn Entertainment realized that they had to make some major improvements to their battle for it to survive. Season 2 made various improvements and changes, something that helped them with improving the state of the game. Then came Season 3, which added a new map. This was a turning point for Apex as the player count started rising. Even old players made a return as the game became playable for everyone.

New Milestone

Last year, Respawn Entertainment decided to add Apex Legends to other platforms as well. The game was released on Steam in late 2020, something that led to an increase in its players. Before that, the only way to play Apex Legends was by downloading Origin.

The best part about Steam is that it is the only platform that gives us the luxury of seeing the concurrent player count of Apex Legends. Since its launch on the platform, the number has only continued to increase. And just recently, it was revealed that the game has managed to achieve a new milestone on May 6 by having more than 320,000 concurrent players on Steam.

The increase in the number of concurrent players is mostly because of the latest season, Legacy, which went live on May 4. However, because of some bugs in the servers, a lot of players were unable to play the game on the said day. Respawn was quick to fix these issues, and players were then able to log into the game properly after a day. In the coming months, we can expect the number of concurrent players to increase further.

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