Apex Legends Season 9 Off To A Rocky Start

 Apex Legends Season 9 Off To A Rocky Start

The start of Apex Legends’ ninth season was on the 4th of May. With this Respawn Entertainment released patch updates on this day. With the patch updates, players saw new updates, characters, and various other inclusions in the game. Alongside this, players have also had to deal with a problem that has arisen with the new season. Players have been stuck on the Apex Legends finding server screen, unable to actually connect to a game. Showing players the ‘unable to connect’ screen and no servers found. Some players have also complained about being locked out of the store tab as well. Players are assuming that this is all due to the new patch updates of season 9.

As seen in the Tweet above by Respawn’s main Twitter account, the developers are looking into the issue. The tweet assumes that the reason for this service issue is due to too many people online at one time. Of course, this should have been expected by Respawn as the new season was being looked forward to by most Apex Legends players. If this is accurate, this means that the Apex Legends servers were unable to handle the number of players inside the game. This has made players very upset, and most have taken to social media to show their outrage as well. Players have been complaining that they are unable to see their season 8 legends tokens or Apex coins either. These issues are nothing new to Apex players as they have pointed out that this has always been an issue for every new season update.

How Will Respawn Entertainment Handle The Apex Legends Server Issue?

Respawn has already put out that their developers are working on the issue. Of course, when the issue will be fixed is another issue altogether. With this becoming a issue that has taken over Apex Legends, it will be hard forRespawn Entertainment to regain the trust of players. As well as the fact that the longer it takes for them to fix this issue the more restless players will become. This could lead to a lot of players leaving Apex as well.

As season 9 was hyped for fans, this new issue has left them with a sour taste in their mouths. With this, only time will tell how the new season will fair. As well as, how much Apex players are willing to hold on. With developers aiming to fix the problem as soon as possible. It will depend on whether season 9 was worth the long wait for players as well. Depending on this, players will choose if they feel it was worth the wait or not. And if it wasn’t then Respawn will have to face heavy criticism for this server failure.

Ahad Lalani