Apex Legends Notorious Player Tufi Finally In Trouble

 Apex Legends Notorious Player Tufi Finally In Trouble

Tufi is an Apex Legends player who is well known for his notorious acts in games that are ranked. He is known for hacking games and taking over the ring. Using his hacking abilities and intervening in games that are being streamed. Especially in matches played by professionals. This has made him very infamous in Apex Legends circles. Of course, EA has tried to keep people like Tufi from cheating inside the game. But have not been too successful in their attempts. The players who use cheats and hacks in high-ranking games are mostly aiming to get a higher rank. So it came as no surprise when Rogue went out and said that Tufi had been jailed. Saying so far as EA had caught him and pressed charges against Tufi.

When this happened, most of the Apex Legends fanbase took to Twitter to discuss if this was something that actually happened or not. This for the first few hours had become the talk of Twitter. While some believed that this was the case, others were a bit more skeptical. This went on for a few hours until Tufi himself uploaded a video on his own YouTube channel.

The video shows Tufi most likely using aim bot and other cheats inside an Apex Legends game. Showing off new skins from season 9 as proof that he has not been jailed. With a caption that aimed to clear his name of all charges anyone believed he had. EA had not pressed charges against him and this was his proof. He also goes on to thank Rogue for his so called support as well. The video shows Apex with the latest patches and season 9 and Tufi playing with cheats.

Was Tufi Telling The Trut With The Apex Legends Video? And Where Did The Rumor Start From?

It seems with the video that Tufi is telling the truth. With the video being uploaded on the 10th of May only a few hours after the allegations came out. Plus showing a fully up to date version of Apex as well. This does prove that he has not been jailed yet. But there could possibly be some truth to the matter. EA could have possibly sued Tufi which is most likely if there is any truth to what Rogue has said.

The rumors most likely have to do with this video which was posted by the Youtuber Bor0. In the YouTube video Bor0 under false pretense contacted Tufi. Saying that he was a journalist in order to gain knowledge of where Tufi lived. This is where it is believed that rumors that EA and Respawn have caught Tufi have come from. Of course, there is no actual confirmation that this is the reason for the rumors either.

With Tufi making videos it seems that it is unlikely that he is facing any type of punishment. But there is a possibility that Tufi might be caught in the crossfires later on. With Respawn Entertainment and EA both aiming to come down hard on cheaters. As of yet there is still no sign though that Tufi is in any sort of trouble. If there is any possibility that Tufi is in trouble then news of it will come out. Within the coming weeks there might be an update to these rumors which we will have to wait and see to if any news does come out about Tufi or EA and Respawn Entertainment possibly focusing on getting rid of hackers in the game.

Ahad Lalani