Apex Legends Disables Its Leave Penalty In Arena Mode

 Apex Legends Disables Its Leave Penalty In Arena Mode

Respawn Entertainment added an abandon penalty to Apex Legends. This penalty was something Respawn had set in place to discourage players from leaving the game halfway. This was seen as something that was much needed in Apex as this happened far too often. And players and developers believed that this was a good way to get players to stop leaving a match. Most squads would become frustrated by this and end up leaving the game themselves. The penalty for leaving a game mid-match is something similar to the penalty given for leaving a ranked battle royale.

The patch did not just add in the abandonment penalty but a few other things as well. Like re-enabling Vallkyrie in the firing range. Something they had gotten rid of before as they believed it had made Valkyrie too strong. Fixing a few bugs and errors in the arena. Stability fixes as well and adjustments to loot as well like increasing the spawn rates for level 2 Evo armor. The developers also added a temporary increase in survival XP earned in Arenas. This was done as a placeholder for issues that would be taken care of later. So Apex Legends players should try and reap the benefits of this XP boost for the time being. While all these are fixes at the moment the problem has occurred with the abandonment penalty. Which has penalized players even after the game has ended for leaving the game.

The Problem With The Abandonment Penalty

While the idea of a penalty was a good one. Implementing it, however, is another ordeal altogether. As the implementation of the penalty was added in the updates on the 24th of May. Which is also stated on Respawn’s Twitter account. The penalty system did not last even a week and it’s already causing problems to players. Many players who left the game after the game was finished were also penalized. Basically, players who skipped the end-screen animations were also penalized.

Ryan K. Rigney the director of communications said that “this problem had to do with game logic after everyone on the opposing Arenas team left the match”. Meaning the game did not understand that the game had ended and concluded that players left before the match ended. Further stating in a tweet “It’s one of those things that never showed up in playtesting. Dumb bug! Fix should be p quick.”

What Will Apex Legends And Respawn Entertainment Do Now?

Well, Respawn has decided to temporarily disable the leaver penalty for a while. Until they are able to look into the system’s issues which they will most likely do later this week. If they are looking into the issue later this week then it is not going to be fixed soon. It will probably be fixed by next week or later. Depending on how big the issue actually is and if the developers are able to find a quick solution. While Ryan K. Rigney does believe that this is just some small bug which will be fixed quickly. There is also the possibility that the problem is much bigger and might take longer than assumed.

While players did applaud this new system. Especially players who have seen their squad players leave even before the midpoint was reached. It will still be some time before it is up and running again. It has been an issue for many Apex players and one that they have highlighted many times over. So this will be some sad news for most players who were hoping this system would be up and running. This was seen as a deterrent against these players who left mid-match. And since this penalty system has been disabled there is a high probability that players will continue to abandon matches again. Players are hoping for a quick fix to this problem with the penalty system but should not get their hopes up and expect this system to take some time to be perfected.

Ahad Lalani