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Apex Legends Anti-Cheat Improvements Are On Way

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Respawn Entertainment has always done a remarkable job when it comes to handling cheaters. Since the game’s release, the developers have tried their best to ban as many as they possibly can. During the first few months, players complained a lot about becoming a victim of hackers and cheaters. However, Respawn then took drastic measures and was able to remove a lot of them from the game. And now, it has been confirmed that they are bringing more improvements to their anti-cheat system.

While most players want to win the game through their skills, there are some who rely on third-party software for this purpose. For instance, they might use Aimbot to make sure every bullet hits the target, or Wallhacks to see through walls. These software are really popular among hackers and are found in other multiplayer games as well. However, whenever someone is caught using them, their account is instantly banned by Respawn. There were even times when the developers banned those who were trying to use different exploits to gain an advantage over other players.

Apex Legends Anti-Cheat Improvements Coming

Although Respawn has managed to ban a lot of cheaters, players still encounter them from time to time. In addition to this, there are times when banned players simply create a new account and cheat from it. This is why it is somewhat impossible for the developers to prevent new cheaters from emerging in the game. However, things might take a good turn soon as new anti-cheat improvements are coming soon.

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Conor ‘Hideouts’ Ford, who is the Security Analyst at Respawn, confirmed that they are bringing changes to Apex Legends’ anti-cheat measures. This was confirmed during a Twitch stream where he claimed that “a lot of improvements coming for anti-cheat in the very near future.” However, the Security Analyst failed to mention the exact date of when this will happen. Although some players thought that by “very near future” he meant Season 9, the patch notes don’t mention anything about it. This simply means that we might either get to see the improvements sometime during the middle of Season 9 or in the season after it.

In any case, it’s great to see that Respawn is handling the job well. It is doing better than its competitors, especially Warzone, which is constantly criticized for being swarming with hackers. However, its developers have also started taking serious measures, such as hardware bans, to tackle cheaters.