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Warzone YouTuber “JGOD”: Attachments Can Buff Snipers

Warzone YouTuber JGOD recently discovered in a gameplay video that equipping certain rear grips, for instance, Serpent Wrap can make your snipers more powerful in the battle royale.

Exotic attachments have always been the crown jewel of Warzone. That’s why players are always eager to find out which combination of attachments can help them build the best weapon.

When it comes to testing out new weapons, maps, or modes, popular YouTubers like JGOD play a significant role. JGOD has been making videos on Call of Duty for quite some time now. His primary focus is to ensure that every weapon, mode, or map is running smoothly for the community. Similarly, notifying the players on time in case something fishy comes up.


In light of the recent patches and update Warzone received under the title Season 2 Reloaded, JGOD was running routine tests when he discovered that snipers are being made stronger by certain grips especially the Serpent Wrap. It can be clearly seen in his video that upon changing certain attachments on snipers in Warzone, they can be made more effective and powerful.

Make Pellington and LW-Tundra Faster

In addition to this, the YouTuber disclosed that Sprint to Fire time of snipers like the Pellington and the LW-Tundra becomes significantly quick once they are equipped with the Serpent Wrap rear grip. Hence making the aim down sight (ADS) of snipers more rapid and fatal in the battle royale.


The YouTuber went on to add that the ADS speed of Tundra can be made even faster with the right attachments. Keep in mind that the Tundra is already among one of the strongest weapons in the Warzone and increasing its ADS speed would make it even more deadly. This means that the Tundra will have a more rapid ADS speed than the SPR which already tops the list in this regard. However, you still won’t get as much speed as the Kar98 but you’ll get close enough.

On top of that, acquiring the Serpent Wrap would also free up a slot on the attachments section. As you will be dropping an attachment because of the sudden increase in ADS speed. With that being said, it just means that we are about to see some changes in the class of most powerful weapons in the game.

Whether you should choose to equip other weapons with the same rear grip is entirely your decision. As JGOD opted for other grips or no grips at all on the MAC and FFAR. However, the snipers really did experience a huge increase in performance.


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