Warzone: Underground Bug Is Haunting Players Once Again

 Warzone: Underground Bug Is Haunting Players Once Again

The notorious underground bug of the Warzone has returned on Rebirth Island once again. Honest players are literally losing their minds over this as some are using the exploit to their advantage and cheating their way to wins. Unfortunately, it’s not the first time, as a similar glitch has haunted players previously in Season 2.

Warzone has had its fair share of bugs and glitches ever since its release. The devs have always been very mindful and vigilant about addressing these issues. And as soon as they solve one problem, another comes right up like a slap in the face. This time the issue seems to have originated in Rebirth Island which is an improved version of Alcatraz Island from Blackout.

Sad to say, Rebirth Island has been a victim of an identical bug in the past as well. When players found a way to breach walls and managed to secure unfair kills in Season 2. It was assumed that Raven would have fixed the glitch in the Season 2 Reloaded update. However, only after two weeks of Season 2 Reloaded’s deployment, the issue came back ruining the title again.

MrMakaveli’s Encounter

The bug gives players the unfair privilege of sneaking underground near Chemical Engineering POI. Where the players can easily move around, loot, and kill opponents without any hassle. A Redditor, “MrMakaveli” shared his encounter of the glitch in a video on April 10. When he is surprisingly killed by a player that is nowhere to be seen.

The whole incident took place at Decon Zone when the Redditor was in the middle of a battle. He killed an opponent and rushed to revive his teammate but suddenly they were knocked off to death. They realized after seeing the kill cam feed that their grim reaper was hiding under the ground between Decon and Chem Eng.

Warzone Areas to Avoid

Although we can’t say if it’s the same map clipping glitch like the one in past, it sure feels quite similar. As the glitch that used to appear in the past was also at Chem Eng. And the Redditor also became the victim at the same location yesterday. So it’s better for all Warzone players to refrain from the affected areas on Rebirth Island for now.

Players to stay away from Chem Eng as long as the glitch is not fixed.

Within just two weeks of its release, Season 2 Reloaded has gone through several issues already. Now with this new underground bug problem on the loose, players can do nothing but hope for the devs to solve it as soon as possible.

Hassan Shahzad