Warzone Season 3: The Destruction In Verdansk Has Began

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Finally, the moment for which the Warzone community has been desperately waiting is happening. The much-awaited Nuke Event aka Operation Rapid Sunder has finally begun in Warzone Season 3. It started with Verdansk being blown up by a nuclear missile.

This Nuke Event was undoubtedly one of the most anticipated events in Warzone. Devs have been building its hype for weeks ahead of its launch. Not only was this event highly rumored about but it was also a victim of misinterpretations. As at first, this Nuke Event was expected to launch with Season 3 of Warzone but later it was revealed that the event will go live before the upcoming season.

Nonetheless, it all started when the devs began deploying radiation zones in different parts of Verdansk. And gradually the whole map got so flooded with zombies and radiation zones that it became difficult for players to survive inside. Fast forward to April 21 now, the event is finally happening in Warzone. Verdansk is completely getting blown up by a nuclear missile from the Silos. And it looks like this episode of destruction will continue for 24 hours shaping the next map for Season 3.

Now, the event started by placing players on a waiting list for a new playlist called “Destruction of Verdansk Part 1”. Upon the arrival of the players’ turn, they were sent straight into Verdansk accompanying a zombie herd. The players then had to win this fight or join this very army of the undead. Suddenly a big countdown began with a voice saying “it is too late for exfil”. Finally, an animation appears showing a missile launching from the silos and laying waste to Verdansk.

Next Step of Nuke Event In Warzone

Since the players were eager to find out the next phase of the Nuke Event after this massive destruction, Call of Duty tweeted a blog post that suggests Rebirth Island to be the next part of this event.

“Calling all Operators. This is Rebirth Island Comms Outpost Whiskey broadcasting on all emergency channels. We have just lost contact with Armistice Central Command in Verdansk following a massive spike in radiation. We apologize for breaking decorum… But anyone know what the hell just happened?”

Nuke Event Began With Server Crashes

However, to our dismay, Warzone experienced server crashes right at the beginning of the Nuke Event. The servers kept freezing, crashing, and sending players back to the main menu whenever the lobby timer reached a specific time. Asking players to start the whole process all over again as they had to wait to get back into the queue again. Fortunately, Activision was quick to recognize the problem and fix it before ruining the event for other players. They instantly sent an update of the playlist which not only did solve the issue but also prevented the servers from crashing again.