Warzone Season 3: Start Time, Live Updates & Schedule of Nuke Event

 Warzone Season 3: Start Time, Live Updates & Schedule of Nuke Event

The early leaked Nuke Event will go live at the launch of Warzone Season 3 under the title Operation Rapid Sunder. Players are excited to find out further details of the event. And fortunately, we know everything ranging from its start time to schedule and live updates.

It initially began when the devs started deploying radiation zones in different areas of Verdansk. But as we got closer to Season 3, Warzone saw a rapid increase in these radiation zone affected areas. This increase was so significant that now almost all the areas are flooded with zombies.

Moreover, it is now believed that this Nuke Event will start before the launch of the upcoming season. On top of that, the developers have officially named it “Operation Rapid Sunder”. As far as live updates are concerned, we will keep you posted once this event begins. In the meantime, you can check out its official timing and confirmed schedule below.

Details of Operation Rapid Sunder in Warzone

Activision released a massive blog post on April 19 detailing everything coming to Warzone Season 3. The devs described the event as “The situation in Verdansk has hit a critical level. It seems the combat zone has become too dangerous for even a Tier 1 Operator to survive in. Is a conflagration imminent? The answer is still unknown, though it is recommended you clear your schedule for the week and ready yourself for a crescendo of utter chaos within the Warzone. Be certain you’re available for Operation Rapid Sunder throughout Wednesday, April 21 and beyond.”

Unfortunately, specific details of Operation Rapid Sunder are yet to be revealed. However, if leaks and rumors are correct, it will come to a climax with Verdansk going to the 1980’s theme. This was already hinted at in the celebrity leaked trailer along with a poster of the 1980’s Moscow Olympics in Superstore. Keep in mind that this is all just based on rumors and rumors can be wrong. Who knows Activision might just release a whole new map which is completely different from Verdansk.

Official Start Time of Nuke Event in Season 3

The official start time of the Nuke Event according to Activision is Wednesday, April 21 at 12PM/3 PM ET. However, the global start time for the event is given below;

  • 12:00 PM PT
  • 2:00 PM CT
  • 3:00 PM ET
  • 8:00 PM BST (UK)
  • 9:00 PM CEST (Europe)
  • 5:00 AM AEST (Australia – April 22)

Moving to the schedule, Activision tweeted a cryptic image that shows that there are going to be various huge moments in the event. However, the individual details of these moments are not yet known.

In addition to this, if you want to enjoy this event, the best way is to participate in it and experience it first hand. And in case that’s not possible, several streamers will showcase the event in their live streams so we’ll let you know about them.

Location of Nuke Event in Warzone

Although nothing official has been revealed about the location of the Nuke Event, all signs show that it will kickstart at the Dam. As Activision rolled out marketing packages to famous streamers and influencers including a helmet with “Verdansk Dam” stamped on it. On top of that a small note that reads, “Once the hostiles reach here, we levee a guess that Verdansk is all but gone to the damned.”

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Hassan Shahzad