Warzone Season 3 Brings Nighttime Rebirth Island & New Control Center POI

 Warzone Season 3 Brings Nighttime Rebirth Island & New Control Center POI

Season 3 of the famous battle royale Warzone is finally here with amazing new content. The long-awaited Nuke Event which started a few hours before Season 3, introduced a night version of Rebirth Island and a new Control Center POI into the title. Here’s everything you need to know about these latest additions.

Initially, developers were very shy and tight-lipped about this Nuke Event aka Operation Rapid Sunder. Players however were eagerly waiting for this event to start so they could enjoy the next season. Finally, the Nuke Event began by blowing up Verdansk with a nuclear missile and shaping Warzone Season 3’s next map.

Furthermore, the first part of this Nuke Event started on April 21 under the title “Destruction of Verdansk”. The hype and excitement surrounding the event were exceptional as more than one million players were tuned in on Twitch just to enjoy the destruction. Moving on, the second part of this event is called “Aftermath — Rebirth Island”. Which is taking players to a night version of Rebirth Island.

Second Part of Nuke Event

Since the first part of the event is over, players are now heading to Rebirth Island which we predicted will be the next part of the Nuke Event previously. Not only is the nighttime Rebirth Island spookier but it’s also going to be full of enemies and surprises. As, the devs said, “search for clues amid the aftermath”.

On top of that, three more modes have been added: Mini Royale, Resurgence, and Kingslayer. This nighttime Rebirth Island is much like Verdansk during Halloween events. However, there’s a catch, Rebirth Island is designed in a unique way which makes it indoors more bright and outdoors more scarry. With that being said, so far the players have not complained about anything on the new map. In fact, some players have even admired it especially because of the massive mushroom cloud on top of blown Verdansk in the night sky, giving a very genuine feel. If you want to know where to wander around to find some clues, the new POI is where you need to be.

New Control Center in Nighttime Rebirth Island Warzone

The huge construction site opposite Prison has been completely wiped out. And a brand new building called Control Center has taken its place. This multi-level building seems like a nice place to loot given the fact that it’s new, it will obviously be full of surprises. The new POI is also playing a crucial part in the game’s present story. As players have been asked to look for clues here. However, no one knows for sure what kind of clues they are looking for or what do they mean. Only time will tell how Season 3 of Warzone will unfold. Stay tuned for more updates.

Hassan Shahzad