Warzone Season 3: Best Drop Locations In Verdansk

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Verdnask is arguably one of the best and most played maps in the history of Warzone. The map has been a fan favorite ever since its release in 2020. Now with the release of Season 3, things got even interesting in Verdansk, all thanks to the latest map changes in the update. Since a lot has quite significantly changed in the new Verdansk, players are eager to find out the best drop locations. Fortunately, we have prepared a list of the best drop locations in Warzone Season 3.

The third Season of Warzone went live on 21 April, with some massive changes and brand new additions. Not only six new weapons were added to the title but the Verdansk map was also taken back in time to the 1984 theme. Although some old-timers might be familiar with the map already, the game has a few new POIs for you to venture as well. Since the new update is a huge overhaul, devising a new game strategy seems like a good idea. That is why we have made a list of the best drop locations for every gaming style from solo to squad. Whether you are looking for new places to try or just want to get more kills. Check out the list given below and stay ahead of the curve.

Best Drop Locations To Try Out In Warzone

If you are in a mood to check out a new location in the present Season, the Stadium is your go-to choice. Although it is not entirely a new location as it was there in the previous season, it has been significantly changed in the new update. And a lot of players are choosing this drop location to see what exactly has changed. So the Stadium seems like an ideal place to start.

Best Drop Locations For Extra Kills: Downtown

Although Downtown has been a nice drop location for loot, it always have been a second or third choice for players in the past. But thanks to the changes in Season 3, the place has become more alive and vibrant. Now, not only does it offer more places to hide but also has more open battle feilds.

So if you drop at this location and manage to clear up the area, it will set you off for the rest of the game. Not only will you have a high kill count but you will also have the best loot on the map. So if you are thinking about increasing your KD, Downtown is the best drop location for you.

Best Drop Location For Easy Wins: Grid Array

The Array is an entirely new POI added in Warzone Season 3. Not only does it offer a great place to camp but also has one the best views on the map. As it is among one of the highest structures in Verdansk it gives you a full 360-degree view of the map. Although landing on this spot is easy, getting to the top is a bit difficult. But thanks to a YouTuber, you can now learn to climb to the top in a few minutes.

Once you have managed to land here, you can start looting without much of a hassle. As this place is not very famous among the players yet so you will have plenty of time to gather the needed supplies. Similarly, if you have climbed to the top, you will have an ideal sniper position to snipe the hell out of your enemies.

Best Drop Locations For Solo: Summit

If you are thinking about making a solo entry, it is better to avoid locations that are flooded with other players. As running for your life is not the first thing you want to do when you land. So it is always best to choose a battlefield that is less dense and clear of enemies. That is why we think Summit should be your ideal choice if you are dropping in as a loner.

Summit is located where the Dam area used to be in the last year. Although this place has a lot of big buildings, it offers several getaway options. Similarly, it has got trucks and helicopters waiting at almost every exit. So all you have to do is land, gather some necessary loot and fly or drive out whenever you feel like things are getting dangerous.

Best Drop Location For Duo: Airplane Factory

Warzone Season 3 feature a lot of new POIs for players to explore and loot. However, some of the new POIs have been more interesting and fun than others. Within just a week into the third Season, Airplane Factory became one of the hottest new POIs of the title. Since it is located right in the middle of the map, you won’t have to worry about where will the next circle appear. Furthermore, the place gives you numerous movement options and vantage points as well. On top of that, the area is also very well regarded in terms of good loot. So Airplane Factory should be your go-to drop location if you are coming in as a duo.

Best Drop Locations For Squads & Trios: Superstore

Superstore is arguably one of the most fan-favorite drop locations in Warzone ever since its release. Even after Season 3, not much has changed here, it is still the same old place you are already familiar with. So landing at a place you already know seems like a sane thing to do.

Once you land here, try to stay together as a team because you will be engaged in several fights within just a few minutes. Furthermore, don’t worry about loot as this area is full of not only incredible loot but cash as well. And if you manage to clear out the superstore, you’re guaranteed a spot in the top 10 of the match.

Nonetheless, it all depends on how you prefer to play the game. But learning to play in all sorts of conditions is not a bad idea. As you never know what situation you might come across. All things considered, stay tuned to our website for more updates on Warzone. Also, check out Warzone’s new patch notes released by Activision on 28 April.