Warzone – Raven Software Has Banned More Than 475,000 Cheaters

 Warzone – Raven Software Has Banned More Than 475,000 Cheaters

Cheating is a problem found in almost every other multiplayer game these days, and Warzone is no different. Since the game’s release, players have complained about facing multiple cheaters. Although the developers have tried various methods to put an end to them, they just can’t overcome them. Recently, developer Raven Software issued a new ban wave, in which they banned thousands of players.

Warzone’s servers are always swarming with hackers. These players basically don’t like playing by the rules. Some of them use aimbot to make sure their every bullet accurately hits the target, while some can even see or fire through walls. Just imagine you’re a few kills away from winning the match, and someone eliminates you from far away without even pointing his weapon towards you. Can get frustrating right? Well, this is something almost every player has faced at least once.

Total Warzone Hackers Banned

When Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War was released, Warzone was merged to it. Many thought that this will finally put an end to the cheating problem as the game got under the umbrella of Raven Software. However, even they haven’t managed to come up with something that can put an end to this matter. All players can currently rely on are occasional ban waves as the game lacks a proper anti-cheat system.


Back in February of this year, the developers shared an update in which they confirmed that they banned around 60,000 players who were caught cheating in a single ban wave. This basically took the total number of banned accounts to around 300,000. Since that ban wave, the developers have issued five more within two months. Out of these five ban waves, three of them were minor ones, while the other two were major. The latest one took place on April 12, which banned around 45,000 players. And when we combine the total number of banned accounts in these five ban waves with the previous number, then the total number exceeds 475,000. This means that since Warzone’s release, the developers have banned almost half a million accounts that were caught cheating.

Raven Software is yet to talk about whether they are going to continue with these ban waves or are planning to introduce a proper anti-cheat system. If a proper anti-cheat system is introduced, then we can surely expect the servers to improve. There have been times when even some top names in the industry, such as Nadeshot from 100 Thieves, became a victim of hackers.

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