Warzone: Players Are Exploiting Radiation Zones Using Stim Glitch

Call of Duty

Warzone Season 3 update is on the horizon but ahead of the launch, Radiation Zones were deployed in the game. Although these zones drain health, players have found a way to circumvent this issue using a stim glitch.

These Radiation Zones were introduced in Warzone by Raven just before the upcoming “Nuke Event” was leaked. The zones were deployed into different parts of the map. And any player who would try to enter or cross the affected areas will lose health. Moving on, the primary difference between these zones and the regular gas circle is that the zones inflict relatively less damage. For instance, they only reduce health by five or ten points at a time. So the players have found a way to overcome the issue by using stims.

As you can see in the video above, that the player is casually walking into the Radiation Zone. And when his health starts to deteriorate, he takes out a Stim and regenerates his health before getting knocked down. Fortunately, since these nuclear areas don’t do much damage, players can stock some Stim in their loadout and exploit the areas easily. And when the health bar starts going down, you can completely regenerate it to the original by using a new Stim within no time. This just means that you can survive in the affected areas for an unspecified period of time as long as you have enough Stims.

Meanwhile, this stim glitch does allow players to explore the affected areas but to what extent is still questionable. As you will not able to survive for long if the area falls outside of the gas circle because the damage of the gas circle is unbeatable. This means that the trick will only work if the circle appears in the Prison or Shipwreck area.

Moreover, you are definitely going to encounter one or possibly more players who have been turned into Zombies because of staying inside the areas for too long. So knowing how to survive in the affected areas seems like a good idea. With that being said, it is not clear whether Raven will address this issue anytime soon or not. Since the nuclear areas are probably expected to end before Warzone Season 3 starts. So Raven might just let it be given that Season 3 is almost here. However, in case any update comes up in this regard we will keep you posted. Meanwhile, if you are CoD: Mobile player you can check the details of Season 3 here.