Warzone: New Patch Notes To Fix Map Exploits & Hunt For Adler

 Warzone: New Patch Notes To Fix Map Exploits & Hunt For Adler

Ever since Season 3 of Warzone went live on April 21, it has been facing some serious glitches. These glitches have been allowing some players to exploit maps, get easy kills and free wins. Fortunately, Raven deployed a new patch note on April 28, which will probably fix all these issues. Especially the Hunt for Adler event and map exploits.

Warzone Season 3 is a huge update for the title ever since its release in 2020. It came with some interesting and brand new content. But what good are these new changes if players can’t even peacefully enjoy the game? Within just few days of the Season 3, players started indentifying some game breaking glitches. If that was not enough, some players even started exploiting these glitches to get unfair wins and kills. However, you will be happy to find out that a new update has been deployed to solve all these underlying issues.

This is the first patch note that the devs have introduced ever since the release of Season 3. According to the devs, it will address all these glitches and put an end to them. On top of that, it is not a huge update so players will just have to install a small playlist when they log-in their accounts. You don’t have to download a huge file from your respective platform.

Changes In The New Update of Warzone

The patch will mainly focus on fixing the map exploits which has been a cause of frustration for many players in the game. So now you probably won’t have to worry about instant death spots like the one at Train Station. Similarly, the glitch which has been allowing players to go below the map at the Stadium or Rebirth Island will also be fixed.

In addition to this, the issues with the new LTM, Hunt for Adler event will also be resolved. You won’t have to go outside of the play area to get Intel or to track the given challenges. Although this event was supposed to end on April 28, the devs have extended it by 24 hours given that it has been experiencing issues. So the players have been given one more day to earn some extra rewards.

Last but not the least, the new patch notes will also fix some other trivial issues for instance, the problem with gas mask staying on even after the item is broke. Similarly, the bug causing Modern Warfare weapons to spawn in loot boxes will also be addressed. The last major change is that the update will reduce the size of the first and second cicrles in Verdansk. So it looks like that the players will finally be able to enjoy their game free of any glitches.

Hassan Shahzad