Warzone Might Get A New Mode, Map & Few LTMs

 Warzone Might Get A New Mode, Map & Few LTMs

According to a leak, Warzone might be getting a new Payload mode along with a night version map of Rebirth Island and few LTMs. Call of Duty: Warzone is among the most regularly and frequently updated titles. So the devs are constantly adding new content to keep up the excitement and engage as many players as possible.

The title has come a long way, Warzone only had six million players on the day of its release. However, today the player community has grown to a staggering number of 75 million. And if you are among the fanatics of Warzone, you will be delighted to find out that the title is set to receive some exciting new stuff as per a leak.

With that being said, the information was shared by one of the most reliable COD leaker ZestyCODLeaks over on Twitter. As per his leak, five different LTMs are expected to hit the game anytime soon. However, the details of only a few are available and only time will how the other modes will unfold.

A New Payload Mode in Warzone

The first most interesting thing that the leak revealed is a new Payload mode. The mode will basically involve two teams fighting to push each other back into their zones. On top of that, some new vehicles are also expected to help the players in this regard as we previously predicted.

Coincidently, this mode sounds quite similar to the Warzone Rumble mode which features 50 players on each side. However, we are not sure if the new Payload will work the same way as well.

A New Night Map of The Rebirth Island

Another new yet unsurprising addition that the leak disclosed is a night version map of the Rebirth Island. As players have already had a night version map of Verdansk before, this addition doesn’t seem quite fun. No specific details of the map are given except that it will enter the game anytime before the Season 2 ends.

Other New LTMS

The final thing that the leak revealed is the addition of three more limited time modes i.e, “bodycount”, “hunt”, and “brz.” Sadly, only time will tell what these modes hold for us as no other details were given. All things considered, it is not possible to say if these additions will actually make it to the game. As all of the information is based on a leak and leaks are always uncertain.

Hassan Shahzad