Warzone: How To Get To The Top Of Array In Verdansk 84

 Warzone: How To Get To The Top Of Array In Verdansk 84

Warzone saw a bunch of new locations and POIs in the new update titled Season 3. Especially the new 1984’s version of Verdansk and the latest Array location. Players have been looking for vantage points ever since the release of this new season to stay ahead of the curve. We think that Array might prove to be an ideal location given the fact that it’s quite tall and recently developed. Here’s how you can get to the top of Array and snipe the hell out of your enemies.

The change of Verdansk map going back in time to 1984 is quite a huge overhaul in Warzone since 2020. Although it is a fictional city, it is based on the real-life city of Donetsk in Ukraine. The new Array location is a part of these latest map changes in Verdansk.

While it was just a random location in the previous season, it has now transformed into a huge grid. And if you can manage to climb to the very top of this grid, not only will you get an aesthetic view but also a perfect sniper position. Since the Array provides such an excellent vantage point, players have been trying their best to get to the top. However, it’s not that easy as the location has no proper way to climb to the peak.

How To Climb The Array In Warzone

Fortunately, a YouTuber, Thats_Frosty has found a solution to this summiting problem. In his video, he shared a safe and possible way for players to get to the top. Now, keep in mind that it might take you some time to get it right since the YouTuber himself said that he has been practicing it for hours.

By using the rappel you can get to the level where players can normally reach but after that, you will have to be more careful as it gets difficult from here. Once you’re at the normal level, jump off to the fence and get under the cross beams of the structure. Now slowly walk to the mid-point of each cross beam and press X to get to the next beam.

Continue the same process carefully and you will get to the top safe and sound. Keep in mind that even a small mistake like moving too fast or getting too close to the intersecting point of the beams can send you straight down to the ground. Similarly, you have to make sure that no one sees you climbing up the grid or you will be sniped at as easily as others you were going to snipe.

Of course, reaching to the top provides you a massive advantage over others. But as there is no cover there, you will be a sitting duck if an enemy spots your location. However, this is highly unlikely for now given that not many players are aware of this trick. So enjoy your new location as long as you can before it gets a common spot.

Hassan Shahzad