Warzone: How To Climb The Tallest Building In Verdansk

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Warzone saw a slew of brand new exciting changes in Season 3, especially the transformation of the Verdansk map to the 1984 theme. Similarly, some new POIs were also introduced in this season. Whenever a new update arrives players start looking for locations that can give them an advantage over others. Given that the tallest building in Verdansk might be a good place to start with, here’s how you can climb to the top of that building safely.

The building we are talking about today is the SKN Broadcast Building in Downtown Verdansk. Ever since the first launch of Warzone last year in March, this building has been a safe haven for campers. And as soon as a match starts, players begin rushing into the building to take their favorite spot. It has been such a hot drop that even if you are just a few seconds late, you’ll be walking right into your death.

Although this SKN building was already quite a famous landmark in the previous season, it became even more significant in the third Season. As a result of the massive map changes in Verdnask, the layout of the SKN building’s top floor was totally changed. Now two more floors have been added to the structure right below the rooftop. This just means that the building now provides even more space for players to hide.

How To Climb The SKN Building In Warzone

Since the building is already a popular location, the risk of campers spotting you is pretty high. Similarly, the new layout of the building offers no appropriate way for players to climb to the top. All these factors combined have been making this summit almost impossible for some players. Fortunately, not anymore as a YouTuber, Thats_Frosty has found a way to get to the top. Not only does this way eliminates the risk of campers spotting you but also guarantees an ideal vantage point.

You start the summit by taking the elevator to the top floor, now move to the southwest side near the barrels. Once there, hop on the ledges and you will be on the uppermost floor. The best part about this trick is that it avoids both potential camp locations i.e, stairwell and outer zipline. Although the trick might seem like a piece of cake, it takes a lot of practice to get it right. The YouTuber has also shared a video tutorial on how to climb to the top of the Array Radar Tower recently.

All things considered, this seems like a nice spot for now given that not many players are aware of this trick yet. So enjoy your new vantage point before it becomes commonplace.