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Warzone: How To Check If You’ve Played Against Famous Pro Players

Has the question that have you ever played against a famous streamer or pro player in Warzone pondered your mind? If yes, then, embrace yourself for the good news because now there’s a website that allows you to do that.

Thanks to the blissful policy of not-so-strict ranked playlist, Warzone makes you play one battle royale match against an average player and the next one against a skilled one. This just means that there is a fair chance that you might have come across a pro Twitch player at least once in any season or ever since the inception of the game.

This begs the question if you actually have played against a famous pro, how would you know? Well, there’s a key that can unlock that door, WZRanked. The website basically works by showing you stats of which is the most used gun on Verdansk and vice versa. However, WZRanked also has another interesting feature that might entice you a little. The feature gives players the privilege of seeing the details of their previous matches as well as members of their lobbies.

On top of that, the feature allows you to check when you might have played against a streamer as well as how you played. The information is given in a manner that you can easily scout out the details. Of course, finding out if you have actually played in a lobby with your favorite Warzone streamer is pretty cool.


You can select any of your previous lobbies and the website will break down the details. This includes a full in-depth analysis of the players you faced off in your selected match. Here is how can check out which streamer or top-notch player you have encountered:

  1. Visit the website WZRanked.com
  2. Type in your PlayStation, Battle.net, or Xbox user details.
  3. You will not be able to process to the next step if your account details are not public. So if they are private, go to CoD’s website and make it public.
  4. Once you have made your account details public, click on “Streamers” from the top bar of your profile.
  5. You can choose to see the details season vise or just click “All” and view your complete history.
  6. Go through all the information and check out which Twitch player you have faced.

Unlike SBMMWarzone, WZRanked still has access to the API of Activision as lastest as April 1. This means that for now you can check all your previous lobbies and enjoying finding out the famous streamers you have played against.


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