Warzone: Dr Disrespect Furious Over The Invisible Roze Skin

 Warzone: Dr Disrespect Furious Over The Invisible Roze Skin

Popular YouTuber and Pro Warzone player Dr Disrespect literally lost it over the invisible Roze Skin on April 2. The incident occurred during a stream of his gameplay when Doc got killed by an opponent donned in the Roze Skin.

Warzone has been experiencing a lot of issues lately. For instance, the invisibility bug, which turns enemies completely invisible making it impossible for players to spot them. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, the infamous Roze Skin came like a slap in the face. Players are frustrated as countering the Roze Skin seems to be extremely difficult.

The main problem with the Roze Skin is that it is too dark, which means that players who don it can easily disappear in the dark areas of the map like Verdansk or Superstore. Hence, players who don’t have the Skin are at a huge disadvantage. This is the reason why the Roze Skin has received consistent criticism from the community. Nonetheless, Raven still hasn’t made any changes to the Skin.


It is safe to say that we can add Dr Disrespect to the list of victims who had their fate written by the Roze Skin. It was Doc’s first Warzone match of the day in which he landed in Superstore. Doc came across an opponent there and gave him quite some damage. Just when he picked up the FFAR to finish the kill, the enemy player’s Roze Skin came to the rescue and he disappeared into the shadowed areas of Superstore. Shortly after that, Doc was instantly killed and sent to the Gulag. Of course, Doc was not happy about it.

Doc then went on by saying “Can’t even see you, nice Roze skin, Can’t even f**king see him. Can’t even see him! He’s sitting there, on a grey, boring hardly-textured rooftop, and he’s just sitting there invisible because I can’t f**king see him!”.

All things considered, getting killed because of such an unfair advantage in the first match of your day is not a savory experience. Players are continuously asking to make the Roze Skin more visible especially in the shadowed areas of the map. However, Raven still hasn’t confirmed whether they are going to make any amends or not.

Most of the players were expecting that the Season 2 Reloaded update would fix address all the underlying issues. To our dismay, that didn’t happen because the Roze Skin and invisibility bug are still haunting players like ghosts.

Hassan Shahzad