Warzone Cheaters Are Getting Hardware Bans From Activision

 Warzone Cheaters Are Getting Hardware Bans From Activision

Both Activision and Raven Software are trying everything in their power to overcome the problem of cheaters in Warzone. Since the game’s release, players have complained about every server swarming with hackers. This issue started getting out of hand when popular players in the industry, such as Nadeshot and Ninja were facing hackers. And now, Activision has confirmed that they are taking drastic measures to make sure the threat is eliminated.

Warzone Crackdown Against Cheaters

Although the developers weren’t able to tackle hackers properly in 2020, things took a good turn this year. At the start of 2021, Activision launched a crackdown against hackers. This crackdown has been successful so far, as more than 475,000 players who were caught cheating have been banned from the game. This was done through a series of ban waves, with some of them even banning 60,000 players at a single time.


The problem, however, lies within players making a return through a different account after they get banned. We all know that it only takes a few minutes to set up another account. It was once revealed that hackers had dozens of accounts set up, meaning that getting banned wasn’t a problem for them. Even if they were caught by Activision, they could simply return by using another account.

Hardware Bans Are Here

Now, the tables have turned. Previously, hackers could easily switch accounts, something which was a big problem. But now, Activision has started issuing hardware bans, something that will finally put an end to this problem. The developers confirmed that hardware bans are for those players who have been caught cheating multiple times. This means that these players won’t have the luxury anymore of logging back in through a different account.


The best part is that these hardware bans will be a part of the daily measures Activision is taking against hackers. Although there exist weekly ban waves that ban a lot of players at once, the developers are also issuing bans on a daily basis. This has helped them with improving the state of the game a lot, and players now face fewer hackers than before.

You will still come across hackers from time to time since Activision just can’t put an end to them all. But it’s still great to see that the developers are doing everything in their power to make sure everyone has a smooth Warzone experience. Hopefully, in the near future, they will come up with even better ways to tackle them.

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