Warzone Bug Is Not Letting Stats or Wins Get Counted

 Warzone Bug Is Not Letting Stats or Wins Get Counted

Call of Duty: Warzone is facing another big problem yet again. The issue this time is that a bug isn’t allowing wins and other stats to be counted on players’ profiles. Fortunately, the devs are aware of the problem and they’re looking into it.

The issue came to light when a huge part of Warzone’s player pool started reporting missing wins along with other things in the title. Given the fact that securing a victory in Warzone is not an easy task and certainly not very common, players being worried about their stats is hardly surprising. Thankfully, Raven Software came forward with a much-relieving stance. They informed the community that they are looking into the probable cause of this issue.

It’s also worth noting that Warzone devs already have their hands full with things like an upcoming Season and Activision’s Trademark lawsuit. So it’s quite possible that we might not see a fix in the next few days at least. Furthermore, a famous YouTuber “JGOD” also inquired Raven about any update on the stat tracking issue. And the devs replied by saying “currently looking into this issue. We’ll provide an update whenever possible.”

Of course, players who haven’t been able to add their recent victories to their accounts were delighted to hear this news. Similarly, famous CoD: Warzone stat collecting sites couldn’t manage to get the data of recent matches as well. As it appeared “unknown” values in front of recent matches on those sites.

Redditors’ Take on Warzone Stat Tracking Issue

In an attempt to fix the issue, a user “inertchunk756” said on a Reddit post “I put my PS5 into safe mode, cleared store cache and played a solo real quick and that counted for kills”. He added that “When you look at the cod.tracker.gg tracker browser all the games have stats but the game mode shows ‘unknown’ so something is their code is fooked.”

While some players are patiently waiting for Raven to find a fix of the issue, others are completely agitated. “So for the next week or so, no stats will count” a Redditor NadxCH said. “So it’s gonna be boring BR games not being motivated to get a ‘win’ because it’s not gonna be a win. Might as well try out new guns in BR whilst no stats count.”

With that being said, Activision has even officially updated the issue on their Trello Board. Hopefully, a sound solution will be found soon. Since team-based standard modes seem to be considered as limited-time modes because of zombies, stat tracking issue is not present there. Similarly, Solo match stats are still working perfectly well so if you want to stay in practice, go for Solos.

Hassan Shahzad