Warzone: An Unsual Bug Falsely Pulls Out Players For Inactivity

 Warzone: An Unsual Bug Falsely Pulls Out Players For Inactivity

Call of Duty: Warzone is experiencing a new unusual bug that is falsely removing players from matches even though they are playing and moving.

Warzone Season 2 became a victim of quite too many bugs particularly near its end i.e, the stat tracking and spray glitch to name a few. Just when the players thought Season 2 couldn’t experience more issues, a new bug came like a slap in the face. Players are extremely disappointed since these little problems have a huge impact on their gameplay. The bug in question is just another example of how such problems take away a player’s chance of a fair game. As it falsely pulls out players in the middle of a match for inactivity when they are actually moving.

Now if these inactivity timers are doing their job fairly, they are actually quite useful. As they exist to monitor players who’ve gone back to the lobby or who are AFK for some time. Hence, filling the lobby with players who are actually active and participating in the game. So the players who aren’t active don’t get XP or in-game reward for just sitting like ducks.

Redditor Kicked Out For Inactivity in Warzone

Ideally, this system is effective enough to realize if a player is actually active or not by monitoring their movements. However, after the false removal of players for inactivity, it seems like Warzone’s activity timer is not working. A Redditor “u/ImCalcium” shared a video clip where he was wrongly kicked out of a match for inactivity. As you can see, he’s on top of a mountain, scooting enemies with his sniper in the game. And even though he is constantly moving, scoping in and out, he is suddenly pulled out of the game and sent to the lobby for inactivity.

What’s even more unfortunate is that he is not the only victim. Other Warzone players quickly replied under his Reddit post saying that they’ve been facing a similar issue lately. One moment they are playing the game and the next moment they’re sent back to the lobby for inactivity. A player responded, “This happened to my partner today We were pinned down by two snipers. Then my partner gets booted.”

So far Activision or Raven have not addressed the issue perhaps because they are busy with the preparations of Warzone Season 3. Nonetheless, players are eagerly expecting the devs to fix this issue as soon as possible. As they don’t want to lose their in-game ranks or rewards just because of a bug.

Hassan Shahzad