Warzone – Activision Confirms New Steps to Tackle Cheaters

 Warzone – Activision Confirms New Steps to Tackle Cheaters

Warzone devs have recently confirmed that they will be putting more effort into making sure the title is free of cheaters and hackers. In addition to this, Activision also said that they will devise a better strategy to communicate with players effectively.

Warzone is among one of the most famous and played multiplayer battle royale games in the esports world. Although its popularity has been increasing ever since its release, the title has also seen a fair share of cheats. Cheats like aimbots, ESP, god mode, and permanent live ping on enemies have all taken place in Warzone. Although some hacks are quite harmless, serious hacks like aimbot have ruined the games of many players. And players have been asking Activision to make amends for quite some time now.

Rob Kostich’s Take On Cheating In Warzone

Although Activision has been trying its best to tackle these exploits by issuing bans and catching cheat sellers, it will also be devising better security measures in the future to prevent such issues. Up until the release of Warzone Season 3, Activision had banned almost 475,000 accounts for using cheats. With the title being in its third season, Activision president, Rob Kostich confirmed that the number of ban accounts has increased to half a million now. And they are not done yet.

Not only will the devs increase the security measures of the game but will also create better communication lines for players. Since poor communication with victims has also been a major cause of these exploits. As Kostich told GamesBeat, “We have a dedicated security team. We’re investing more resources there to make sure we provide the best possible experience for our fans. We have to take action, and also communicate about that, which we’re going to do.”

Furthermore, Kostich put special emphasis on the communication part. This will allow players to better communicate their worries to the devs. On top of that, it will also help the devs in tackling issues like leaks and unannounced weapon changes. Kostich further restated the fact that changes are coming soon.

Nonetheless, it is too early to say what sort of changes or anti-cheat system is coming in the title. But if Activision is just thinking about adding more members to their security team, we highly doubt that this will work as a permanent solution. However, hiring coders to make an efficient anti-cheat system is something that might fix this issue. Only time can tell which road will Activision choose.

Hassan Shahzad