Warzone: A Weird Bug Is Turning M16 Into An Alien Gun

 Warzone: A Weird Bug Is Turning M16 Into An Alien Gun

It has only been a week since the launch of Warzone Season 3 and players are already facing some serious bugs in the title. One of the weirdest bugs in the game turns players’ M16 into an unearthly alien-looking Mastercraft. No one seems to the reason behind this unnatural transformation.

Warzone has been known for its amazingly creative gun skins and other cosmetics. Players have always found such skins very intriguing. As when the notorious Mastercraft and reactive camo blueprints were added to Black Ops Cold War, players were quite happy. Why wouldn’t they be? Such imaginative and fanciful camos are always a feast for the eyes.

Furthermore, the Ice Drake Krig 6 is arguably one of the most fan-favorite Mastercrafts in the title. Especially because of its resemblance with an icy dragon-like in the Game of Thrones. However, now the players are seeing an unreleased monster looking creepy camo called the “Incubator.”

As Warzone is now turning players’ M16 into a mysteriously bizarre and hideous creature. On top of that, this creature looks alive as not only does it has weirdly moving bones but organs as well. Honestly speaking, this is one of the most insane and creepiest bugs in the history of Warzone. A Redditor named “CraftZ49” uploaded a video of this incident. CraftZ49 started a match with his M16 equipped with a Western Front blueprint and just after a few minutes in the match, his gun has transformed into an entirely different thing. By just seeing the gun in the video, you can imagine how shocked he would have been.

Furthermore, when the Redditor touches it with his fingers it makes this shrill squeaky sound. This just confirms the fact that it’s not just a camo it actually is a living creature of some kind. What’s even weirder is that it even tries to attack him. This is truly something we have never seen before in the title. Nonetheless, the trigger appears to work perfectly well as when CraftZ49 presses it, green neon bullets come out. Which the Redditor explained as “plague splatter.”

Moving on, this version of M16 is apparently much more detailed and precious especially if you compare it with a normal M16. Not only does it look different but feels different as well because of the movement and sound it makes. With that being said, Raven Software has not updated this issue on their Trello board which could mean that they are not aware of this bug. Let’s just hope that they find a solution to this bug as soon as possible before this version scares the life out of everyone else.

Hassan Shahzad