“Warzone” A Strategy Game Face Lawsuit From Activision

 “Warzone” A Strategy Game Face Lawsuit From Activision

The developer of Warzone, a strategy-based game is facing a legal lawsuit from Activision over the Trademark dispute. Although his title was launched three years ahead of the famous battle royale, Activision is still making claims on the trademark.

Activision launched its battle royale a year ago back in March 2020. Ever since its inception, the title has seen a massive increase in player count. Activision’s FPS title stands among the world’s most played games with a player pool of 75 million. One of the reasons why the title is so popular among players is its free-to-play model.

All things considered, Activision is not the only publisher with a game titled “Warzone”. Sadly, an indie game developer also has a strategy-based game called “Warzone”. And Activision doesn’t like that so they have filed a lawsuit against the indie developer to claim the trademark.

The dev did realize that he can’t go up against such a huge company alone without the fear of bankruptcy. Hence, he set up a GoFundMe page so he can fight Activision’s claim over the trademark and keep it for himself.

The indie developer, Randy Picker, launched his “Warzone” over three years before Activision’s first-person shooter title. Moreover, Warzone has been his only source of livelihood as it’s the only title he has created in the last decade. Nevertheless, Activision filed a lawsuit against the indie developer to strip him of the trademark on April 8th, 2021. However, Picker seems confident and is not willing to give up the trademark. He started a GoFundMe page in the hope to raise enough money to fight Activision’s lawsuit.

Picker aims to raise about $50,000 in total, he seems to be on track to achieve his goal as he has already secured $12,000 in just 18 hours. With that being said, it looks like none of the developers are ready to back down. However, Activision’s decision to file a lawsuit against Picker came as a surprise to him. As he wrote on his GoFundMe page that “It shocked me, though, that they filed for the trademark of Warzone… That’s the exact same name as my game!”.

Finally, the indie developer made a promise to everyone who is supporting his cause that all the funds will be used to fight Activision’s lawsuit. Unfortunately, we can’t say for sure now how this lawsuit will turn out. But the immense amount of love and support showed to Picker by the gaming community surely gave him courage.

Hassan Shahzad