Warzone: A New Glitch At Train Station Is Sending Players Straight To Death

 Warzone: A New Glitch At Train Station Is Sending Players Straight To Death

Warzone Season 3 was launched only a week ago and it’s already falling victim to bugs and glitches. The game saw a slew of brand new additions and changes in the latest season. But this new update was expected to be free of such issues as Activision and Raven seemed quite confident about the third Season. Unfortunately, this is not the case as players have already identified some game breaking bugs in the title. Presently, a new bug at the Train Station is sending players straight to their deaths.

Warzone like every other game has been facing such issues ever since its release. Although bugs and glitches are a common sight in almost every multiplayer game, players always expect the devs to iron them out in new updates. But it looks like that some glitches have managed to slip through the cracks in the testing phase of Season 3.

Train Station Experiencing A New Bug

Of course, it’s natural for Season 3 to have a few trivial glitches given the fact that it was quite a huge update. But these glitches are not a few and certainly not trivial. The title is experiencing some serious bugs like players going under the map, guns turning into some alien Mastercraft, and now sending players to their deaths.

New Glitch At Train Station In Warzone

Since this new instant death spot at Train Station was not there in the last season, no one is sure as to what might be the origin of this glitch. Nonetheless, if you drop regularly at the Train Station, start considering a new location. As it’s doesn’t happen once in a blue moon, players have been experiencing it a lot. Recently, a Redditor named ryzen115 shared a video clip where he falls victim to the glitch at the Train Station.

Now the Train Station is a hot spot specifically when it comes to mid-game gunfights. Not only because players have several movement options but also for its numerous advantageous positions. Unfortunately, not anymore as almost every corner of the Train Station is broken. If you try to glide off of a wall, you will phase right through the ground. Eventually, sinking to the bottom of the map and meeting your end at the Gulag.

Although some spots are still working perfectly fine at the Train Station, we still advise you to avoid that area. As you never know whether things will turn out to be in your favor or not. Fortunately, no player has yet found a way to exploit this glitch so at least that a relief. Activision hasn’t responded to the issue yet but players are eagerly waiting for them to fix the glitch. So they can go back to enjoying their favorite landing spot.

Hassan Shahzad