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Warzone: 100 Thieves’ “Rated” Got Falsely Shadow Banned

A popular CoD streamer and pro “Rhys Rated Price” was wrongly shadow banned from Warzone. Since 100 Thieves recently signed him, he reached out to Nadeshot to help fix the problem. The issue was solved but Rated couldn’t stream and missed out on a tournament.


Rated is a pro CoD player and video game content creator. He is also the current competitor of Warzone for 100T. Considering his repute and well-known connections at Activision, Price was stunned at the news of this false shadow ban. He is also among one of the most viewed and regular Warzone YouTube streamers.

Nonetheless, it is not yet clear how Activision decides on who to shadow ban but generally, players who have received several cheating reports against their names are shadow banned. Once they are shadow banned, they have to wait a long time in queues to get a match with a lobby that is packed with players with similar reports. Imagine being an innocent stuck in such a mess, an undelight experience right.

Furthermore, the Streamer earned his spot in 100T by performing exceptionally well in tournaments. Ever since he got signed by 100T, Rated has been on the list of the most top-notch players of Warzone. The reason behind this false shadow ban could be that after getting killed by Rated, some random players decided to report him. But then again, Activision should rely on more than some reports before shadow banning a player.

So after about five hours of unjust shadow ban, the issue was fixed when Rated took it to Twitter and asked for 100T connections at Activision. In addition to this, Rated was quite happy about it and tweeted that “They’ve unleashed the Dragon“. However, he lost the chance to stream and compete in a tournament that day.


Shadow bans are no doubt a good way to punish players who are not playing fair but oftentimes skilled players become their victims as well simply because they are too good. When an innocent player can’t stream or take part in a tournament because of an unfair shadow ban, it feels bad to say the very least. None of us would be concerned about a hacker stuck in the lobby waiting for hours to play against others of his kind.

With that being said, it is not the first time that a legitimate player has been unlawfully shadow banned. Aydan Conard was also falsely shadow banned earlier this year. His issue was fixed after a day or so because of video footage evidence and his massive Twitter audience.

However, Rated was unbanned only after a few hours because of his former colleagues working at Activision. Perhaps Nadeshot himself might have pulled a few strings since Rated asked for his help as well. Being the owner of a CDL team and a former CoD pro has its own perks. Nonetheless, this is just another example and proof that Activision really needs to work on its shadow ban policy.


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