Valve Offers CS:GO Cheaters An Olive Branch


VAC stands for Valve Anti-Cheat, which is a system set in place by Valve. It is basically an automated system set up by Valve to detect cheating inside CS:GO. This is done by detecting cheats installed on the player’s computer. In the case of CS:GO when a player tries to access a VAC server. In these servers the VAC system automatically detects any cheats if present. As Steam support has shown VAC bans are permanent bans that will not be lifted.

While VAC is not as secure and easy to pass by. It is still a system that is able to capture players who have been cheating in various ways. Caught players in CS:GO will automatically be banned then. Any player who has been VAC banned is someone who has been caught cheating by the server. A VAC ban is something that disables players from playing on most of Valve VAC supported servers. This is something that becomes a problem for professional Esport players.

Although VAC bans are permanent, Valve might just be having a change of heart.

With this tweet and the upcoming return of CS:GO Major Championship which will take place in Stockholm at the Ericsson Globe from October 23rd to November 7th. With this in mind Valve has begun to ease up on their bans. They have also begun to lift VAC bans on players as well. The blog states that players who were banned less than 5 years ago will be disqualified. This is good news for players who have been banned for longer than 5 years. As they will be able to participate in the tournament. As long as the ban was not received during their first participation in a Valve-sponsored event.

What Does This Mean For CS:GO Players And Valve?

This has become news worth celebrating over for a lot of players in the CS:GO community. One such case is Vinicius “vsm” Moreira. A Brazilian player who in 2013 was VAC-banned. With this lift of the ban Vinicius has become a player who is in high demand. He has begun to see many opportunities for a position in various teams. Vinicius is just one of many players who were banned by VAC that have gotten a second chance.

With the Majors Tournament right around the corner. This just might be the time for some of these players to shine in CS:GO and make their mark. But with this there is also the probability that these players will also try to cheat again as they have done before. With this in mind Valve and CS:GO both are taking a risk allowing VAC-banned players to play in tournaments again.