Valorant Will Get New Weapons In Future Episodes

 Valorant Will Get New Weapons In Future Episodes

We are about to see some changes in the weapons class of Riot’s popular title Valorant. According to the recent insight provided by Valorant’s Game Designer, some latest weapons will be added in the title’s future episodes. However, in what form or what manner they will be added in the title is still a mystery.

When Valorant was first released in June 2020, it only had 10 agents and 18 weapons if you count the Tactical knife as well. The weaponry has a variety of guns pretty much in every style, and players are quite satisfied with the meta. There’s no reason to be not satisfied as the title has got you covered in all types of situations when it comes to weapons. For instance, for long-range one tap shots, you have the Operator. Similarly, in case of irritating close-range kills, the Judge has got you covered.

On top of that, SMGs in the title are pretty impressive as well. Not only are the revolvers of Valorant incredibly precise but other weapons are also up to the mark. With that being said, if the arms are already as great as they should be, new additions could take Valorant’s arsenal to a whole new level.

Since the devs are looking forward to adding more Agents into the title, it’s only fair if they add more weapons as well to keep things balanced. Smith said in a Twitch stream on April 12 that “Eventually, we’ll add new weapons”. He further added that “I think weapon balance and character balance are evergreen, You can always be changing them.”

Moving on, as far as the question of when will we get these new weapons is concerned, Smith seemed secretive. Because when a viewer asked “Will we get new guns this year?”, he instantly responded by saying “probably not”. This just means that we will have to wait till 2022 to see any major change in Valorant’s arsenal. Although the addition of latest weapons is a far cry, players are still very excited is just putting it mildly.

Nonetheless, its a little early to speculate as to what types of weapons will be added. But Smith seemed optimistic “pretty much every weapon in Valorant will be hitscan”. Thus in the future Riot will be adding something very particular to shake up the whole meta. He further explained why an old gun was removed from the release. Smith said, “We used to have an auto-sniper, Dak Dak” but the Guardian filled its roll better so it was scrapped.

So we can’t say for sure as to when or what exactly Riot will be adding in the future. But the devs still have a wide range of creative options available to change the weapon class. In the meantime, you can check out the details of Valorant’s sixth map. And if any further news comes up in this regard we will keep you posted.

Hassan Shahzad