Valorant: Upcoming Patch 2.07 Update Leaked Online

 Valorant: Upcoming Patch 2.07 Update Leaked Online

Once again, Riot Games’ latest patch 2.07 update for Valorant has been leaked online. Thanks to a data miner, we have a sound idea of what changes will be coming to the title. Raze and Viper are bound to receive adjustments to their kits. While Astra will be getting quality of life enhancement. On top of that, Riot Games will also address a bunch of other bug issues that have been haunting players since the last update.

As we observed that the last patch 2.05 and 2.06 both failed to solve the rising FPS drop issue in Valorant. The Devs are adding a new patch 2.07 update. The last patches were primarily deployed to ensure smooth and quality gameplay for players. However, patch 2.07 will mainly target three agents i.e, Astra, Raze, and Viper among other things.

Although the official date for the release of patch 2.07 was April 13, a data miner “Floxayyy” got his hands on the information earlier and shared it online. So without further ado let’s break down the details of patch 2.07.

Details of Valorant Patch 2.07

Raze & Viper Get Quality of Life Buffs

An audio cue will be added to the blast packs of Raze as we saw in Jett’s Tailwind. Which will make it simpler for players to keep a track of her movements. In addition to that, Raze’s VFX will also be enhanced so they are more organized and easier to see through.

Similarly, players who are Viper mains will be delighted to find out that the bug with her Decay machine will also be fixed. This bug has annoyed many players as it doesn’t convey proper damage even when enemy armors are drained. Similarly, the bug which gave Yoru the privilege to plant spike off-site by using a combo of Dimensional Shift-Gatecrash has also been fixed. Cypher, Killjoy, and Skye also had some bugs removed.

Gravity Well Powers of Astra Increased

Astra will experience the biggest update when patch 2.07 will be deployed. A welcome add-on to Astra’s Gravity Well. Players will be able to drag off other players from the spike to stop the defuse. Although Riot is adding the feature now, the community has been requesting this since Astra was first released.

Moreover, Riot said that “We think this update can create some interesting interactions post plant where enemies try to bait out the Gravity Well and play around its cooldown.”

To view a full detailed break down of every single change coming to the title in patch 2.07 click here. This is everything we know so far about the upcoming patch. However, only time will tell whether the change will be the same as expected or not.

Hassan Shahzad