Valorant Sixth Map – Release Date, Name, And More

 Valorant Sixth Map – Release Date, Name, And More

Valorant players are always looking forward to new content. Developer Riot Games has done a remarkable job by frequently updating their game with new weapons, agents, maps, and more. This is something that has not only helped them with keeping the game fresh but also increasing the player count. At the moment, players are currently looking forward to seeing a new map.

Valorant was launched with a total of three maps called Haven, Bind, and Split. These three maps were well received by players and the developers have made different changes to them as well. In the past months, Riot added two new maps to Valorant called Ascent and Icebox. At the moment, there are a total of five maps for players to choose from, with Riot planning to push the number to seven quickly.

Valorant Sixth Map

At the moment, Riot Games is yet to talk about the sixth map for Valorant. However, various data miners have been busy for the past few months trying to find out as much as they can about the upcoming map. So without any further due, let’s take a look at everything we know about Valorant’s sixth map.


Possible Name

To begin with, Valorant’s sixth map is expected to be called Foxtrot. This was revealed by reliable data miner “Valorant Leaks” on Twitter, who is responsible for previously leaking a lot of stuff. The leaker also mentioned that he was only able to discover the name in the game’s files and was unable to find any pictures of it. But we can’t say for sure as Foxtrot can turn out to be just a codename. However, if it is the actual name, then we can expect the sixth map to have a military theme.

Another leak from data miner Cynprel hints that that sixth map might be called Breeze. This is because a graphic found in Valorant Night Market has this name crossed out. This is similar to how the name Split was crossed out in Yoru’s Night Market tease.

Possible Location

Just like other developers out there, Riot Games also did something for April Fools. However, in the image featured in the joke, players instantly noticed the background art. There was a picture that featured a new tropical region, and many currently expect it to be the next location. The location featured palm trees at the back with Cypher at the front. While this artwork was just a part of the April Fool’s joke, fans might get to see it on the sixth map.

The Night Market teaser also had the term “CARIB”, which is short for the word “Caribbean”. In addition to this, ValorantExpress was able to leak the loading music of the upcoming map. The audio surprisingly had a tropical-style theme, which further hints that the map will feature a new tropical region.

Some data miners were also able to leak coordinates from the Night Market teaser, which point towards the Bermuda Triangle. For those who don’t know, this place is known for ships and planes disappearing without a trace. What makes it more interesting is that the official Turkish account of Valorant mentioned that the Night Market is the “goods of the sinking ship.” You already know what we’ll say next. The leak also mentions that the sixth map for Valorant will be called Breeze instead of Foxtrot, which seems more suitable for a map based in the tropical region.

Valorant Sixth Map Release Date

At the moment, no data miner has managed to find out the exact release date of the sixth map. This will only be confirmed when Riot Games officially confirms it. However, there are some things which indicate when it might arrive. The biggest thing that we need to take into consideration is that Riot wants to take the number of maps from five to seven as quickly as possible. This means that they will be releasing them in the next few months.

The latest map, Icebox, was released in October 2020, around five months ago. It was launched as a part of Episode One-Act Three, and the sixth map is expected to be a part of Episode Two Act Three. If this is the case, then we might get to see the new map at the end of this month as the next act will begin on April 21.

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