Valorant Player ‘Keiti’ Accused Of Blackmail?

 Valorant Player ‘Keiti’ Accused Of Blackmail?

Kaitlin “Keiti” Boop was a Valorant player and a member of the Cloud9 White all-girls team. She and Cloud9 have since parted ways. This however was not elaborated upon and there was no reason given as to why they had parted ways. Keiti was considered the star of C9 White’s all-women team. They had dominated in the North American Game Changers event and had become celebrities due to it. While the reason for the departure was kept under wraps at the time, the real reason has since come out.

Mel, a Valorant observer, has since come forward with the claim. She had posted the TwitLong on Twitter of her stating what had happened between Keiti and herself. Keiti had apparently gotten her hands on old private pictures of Mel and, through a burner phone, was threatening to release it online. Although the threats were done anonymously, through a burner phone, Keiti used this to reach out to Mel through her main account. Mel believes the threats were done so that Keiti would have an excuse to talk to her. After finding out that Keiti and the owner of the pictures were connected, Mel began questioning Keiti. This led to Keiti outing herself as the one who was threatening Mel through the burner phone.

Repercussions Of The Act For The Valorant Star

After Mel found out that Keiti was behind the burner phone, she directly contacted C9. This was done so that the situation would be kept under wraps. After Keiti left Cloud9 she was receiving a lot of support from fans, which Mel claims was taking a heavy toll on her mental health. This was when Mel decided to come out publicly with the real reason as to why Keiti and Cloud9 went separate ways. “The overwhelming support of the community for someone that has traumatized me greatly, still hurts me deeply. I’ve been struggling with dark thoughts in the past. I haven’t had that problem in a while, except for last week. And it scared me. I didn’t want to tell my parents or my siblings again that I was suicidal.” This is what Mel wrote in her Twitlong as the reason for her going public with the news.

While Keiti has received a great amount of support from Esports fans, with this news, people might begin to turn on Keiti. This news might become the catalyst for her fans to leave her side or it might not. As Keiti is still seeing support for her and might see so in the future. It’s still up for debate as to which way Keiti’s future career is headed towards.

Ahad Lalani