Valorant: A High Ranked Streamer Banned For Hacking

 Valorant: A High Ranked Streamer Banned For Hacking

A high-ranked streamer in Valorant recently got banned for using cheats on a live stream on Twitch. Leaving players in awe of shock and surprise as to how the streamer managed to evade the system for so long.

When Valorant was first released in June last year, it had the famous Vanguard anti-cheat system. Riot had claimed that the system was so proficient that it could catch any hack or cheat. Some even said that the system was so effective that it was perfectly flawless in every regard. Hence it was assured that Valorant like its peers won’t ever become a victim of cheating. But of course, we all know that cheaters can always find their way around, at least that’s what history says.

With that being said, within just one year the title saw wallhacks and trigger bots allowing players to shoot as they aim at a player. On top of that, a player not only managed to slip through the system but was also able to stay hidden for quite some time until he was finally caught and banned on a live Twitch stream.

Valorant Banned Solista_TV

To our surprise, the name of the player is Solista, who is quite famous for his dabbles with Reyna in Radiant ranked matches of Valorant among the North American community. The incident took place on Twitch on April 14, when the player was playing his game as usual. After almost 18 rounds an anti-cheat message popped up on the screen and his gameplay was terminated. The message said, “A cheater has been punished and your game has been canceled”.

The player quickly removed the message and found out that he has been banned from the game. Upon discovering such shocking news Solista’s instant reaction was “What, really dude?” and then he turned off his camera. It was just a matter of time as the ban spread like wildfire on various subreddits. Other players were quick to recognize him from his games with Shroud and numerous other pros.

Furthermore, a player commented, “It took them how long to detect him? That’s a lot of people’s games he ruined already”. Another said, “Sad thing is he was most probably manually banned. Or a result of mass reporting. Either way, Vanguard didn’t detect it.”

With that being, it looks like the ban on Solista isn’t temporary given the fact that he hasn’t registered any other account on Valorant yet as per Tracker.GG. To top it all off, since he violated the terms of services of Twitch as well, his Twitch channel was also removed from the platform. All things considered, it should be an example for any player who’s cheating or they’ll meet a similar end. Make sure to check out the latest details of the Valorant sixth map.

Hassan Shahzad