Valheim: An Early Startup Game Guide

 Valheim: An Early Startup Game Guide

Not many surprise videogames come through to become popular regularly, especially ones that have only five developers. Valheim has come through to be a great survival experience and has risen to become one of the most popular games on Steam. For those that are looking to dive in to try the experience for themselves, we’ve prepared the perfect guide that will help them experience the best of the title while minimizing all the annoying nitpicks.

So let’s start, first of all, you’ll have to make your own character, and set up your server which is completely up to you whether it should include only you, or anyone else. After doing that, you’ll dive right into the massive (and we’re not joking on the massive part) world that is different for every world spawn. However, you’ll be coming onto the main altar area where you’ll be progressing through as you defeat the world’s bosses.

There are currently 5 bosses in early access, though the Valheim team has planned to increase the game to include as many as nine in the future.

Over at the altar is where you’ll start, and here are all the things to look out for.

Hugin the Raven

You’ll see that as soon as you get to your server world, you’ll have a black raven with a “!” appearing above its head. This is the NPC that will tell you all the information about everything as you go through the game. Be sure to talk to him at every point he spawns. He’ll give you the full details about everything, the world, the options, your character, all that there is in Valheim.

Where to Start

The first thing you do is talk to Hugin the Raven, and then you start gathering resources immediately from your surroundings. There are two types of resources here, first one is anything that you can eat, i.e. food resources. You’ll find berries, mushrooms, and many other food items as you progress through the game. The second type of resources is the things that you build with. The two most primary building resources are wood and stone, both found in ample around you in the form of twigs on the ground and normal rocks. Just start gathering them up, and when you have a few, you’ll have enough to make a Stone Axe and a Hammer. These two are the basic tool that will get you started with everything else.

The stone axe will allow you to start cutting down trees to get more wood faster. Do exactly that until you have a decent amount of it in your inventory. That will allow you to take advantage of what the Hammer can do.

The Hammer will have you start in one of the most fun and main aspects of the game; Building. You select the hammer when you have enough wood and then you make the Work-Bench. The Workbench will have you unlock other basic elements of building, such as roofs, walls and floors. It’s all up to your imagination afterwards how you use these to make your own cosy place.

Just remember though, after making the workbench, deconstruct it by pressing the middle mouse button and construct it again under the roof of the new place you built. This will allow you to use the workbench and repair your tools which degrade as you use them. Don’t worry about deconstructing as you’ll not lose any resources, other than Resin that you use for light sources.

Prebuilt Cottages

If you’re not big on making a new place for yourself yet, don’t worry. The game actually has a few pre-made cottages on the map. You’ll be in the Meadows, the basic and safest place to be at, and it will be full of worn-down places that you can use for yourself. What you have to do is just search for one that is to your liking. When you do, make a workbench near it, and start repairing the pieces of buildings one by one, and put a few pieces that are missing. After doing that, place the workbench inside your cottage under a roof, and tada, you have your own place now.


The most important thing to make after a Workbench is a bed. It will be your respawn point if you even get killed in the game, as obviously, you’ll use it to sleep through nighttime where everything is dark and scary. So right after setting up everything else, place a bed inside your cottage. There are two things you need to have to make use of the bed, a roof over it, and a Fire.

A Camp Fire is a constructed item that will keep you warm, cook your food, and give you light, among many other effects. It requires 5 Stone and 5 Wood, and you have to keep it somewhere that is open above so that the smoke escapes and doesn’t accumulate inside your place. You also have to put wood inside it so it keeps burning. You can place it outside your cottage near your bed and that would work fine, however it would not work in rain. (and it does rain a lot) You can make a small chimney with a roof on top with opened sides that would be a good solution. Have all of this, and you’ll all set with the basics. That brings us to Item Boxes.

Item Boxes

Remember, you can never have too many boxes. These are the boxes that will hold everything, all of your resources. One of the most pleasing aspects of the game would be to know where all your items are whenever you need them, so try to arrange your stuff appropriately, it will only add to your positive experience of the game. Boxes need a lot of wood to make, but it will all be worthwhile. Make plenty of boxes, and you can place these wherever you want, they do not get damaged in the rain so they’ll handy items. If you’re really keen, you can even make a box corner, by using 1×1 floors to cover boxes you’ve placed on the floor, and making more boxes right on top of those. This allows you to use space better and it looks neat too.

Torches and Light Sources

One optional construction item that may prove to be necessary sometimes is the torch. Your cottage could get dark when it’s night-time, and for that, you would want to set up Standing Torches. You’ll just need wood and Resin. Make them where you need light and remember to refill them with Resin after they run out. Resin is the primary fuel for almost all light sources, and you do not get it back after you put it into an item and deconstruct it, so keep that in mind.

Comfort and Rested Aura

You have everything set now, you have a fire burning, you have a bed and a workbench and boxes inside your Cottage with plenty of light from torches. This is what will get you started to explore the world around you. One of the biggest things now that you have to know about is Comfort and the Rested Aura. When you’re inside your cottage on your bed near a fire with a roof over you, you’ll see that on the top right there is an icon that says Comfort Level. This is an aspect that gives you the Rested Aura. After about 10 seconds remaining at your Comfy place, you’ll automatically get the Rested Aura highlighted by a Red Icon at the top right. This is an Aura which is the best thing to have when you go out to explore.

Running, jumping, doing anything other than walking requires stamina usage. What the Rested Aura does is buffs the Stamina recovery gauge so it fills up faster. You’ll notice you’re much faster and more efficient in everything when your stamina recovers faster. Hence the Rested Aura is what you need to have whenever you can.


With all of this set, now it’s time to go out and explore Valheim. As you progress, you’ll upgrade your Workbench Level by constructing other items near it. You’ll get more types of resources that will put you further into the game to defeat the first boss. You’ll hunt deer and boars to get leather and Deer Hide, which will have you make clothes for yourself. You have to be sneaky with Deers to hunt them, while Boars are a lot easier because they don’t run away. These clothes will give you Armor and protection. You’ll get Queen Bees from Bee Hives in abandoned cottages, which will allow you to make Bee Hives for yourself that will give you Honey to eat. This will also be useful to make other stuff in the game.

You’ll improve your skills as you do everything. Running will upgrade your running skill, cutting wood will upgrade your wood-cutting skills, fighting and blocking will upgrade their appropriate skills. Everything will make you a much better Viking in Valheim.

You’ll make weapons such as the Bow and Club. You’ll make shields that are one of the most important things to have on you. Shields will absorb damage in fights, and you can also parry if you time it right. All of these things will have improved versions as you progress in the game. You can upgrade the ones you do have to a certain level for better stats. You could aim to build a bigger Cottage for yourself in Valheim too.

You’ll also get meat from hunted animals which you’ll cook. Neck Tails from Necks are tasty as well. You’ll cook both of these on cooking stations that you can construct over fires to cook these. Just make sure that when you hear the second sizzle of stuff becoming fully cooked, you take them off. Otherwise, they’ll turn to coal. You’ll need to have three varieties of food when you face the first boss, Eikthyr. The best thing to have is Cooked Meat, Neck Tail, and Honey. This will give you health over one hundred and plenty of stamina to take on the first boss. Have your Leather Clothes equipped, your shield, and your weapon. Eat your food, and take 2 Deer Trophies to where Eikthyr spawns shown on your map. Use the trophies, and your cool first boss fight will begin.

Keep on your toes, and attack him when you see openings from the sides. Avoid attacking straightforward and try to dodge his straight attacks, and attack his torso. With enough damage, he’ll fall, and you’d have defeated the first boss of the game.

Eikthyr will drop his trophy item and his antlers. Take the trophy to the alters where you first spawned in the game, and place it on the appropriate alter. You’ll get the first Boss Aura that you can use by pressing F. With his antlers, you’ll make your first ever pickaxe, which will have you progress through more than ever before. This is how you’ll clear your early Valheim game, and next will be the Black Forest, followed by Swamps and Mountains and much more in the world of Valheim.

For more on Valheim, you can check up on their Facebook Page. There is plenty of stuff to enjoy in early access and there is going to be even more in the future. We hope this guide helped you to set things up so you can enjoy Valheim to the fullest.