Singapore Major

The DOTA 2 Singapore Major Day-3 Standings

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The main Singapore Major event reaches the conclusion of its third day and there have been plenty of unexpected results for the DOTA 2 event. Fan-favourite teams saw themselves exiting the event even before the main Playoffs Bracket. A fan would be surprised to see which teams are sitting both in the Upper and Lower Bracket currently.


Going through the early playoffs and the first two days, we discussed in our previous article how there is plenty to talk about over the Singapore Major. Thunder Predator was on a roll throughout the early span of the event, remaining undefeated before entering the main Upper Bracket. Meanwhile, some surprising conclusions included Team Nigma exiting the event much earlier than expected. They had gone defeated in most of their matches and did not reach the main event. Some hopeful news followed for Team Nigma fans however who released news about their new Team Head Quarters in Abu Dhabi highlighting a successful future for the team ahead.


Thunder Predator continued to receive support as they faced off against Team Secret, however, they lost their matches against them and now reached the Lower Bracket. Today, they saw themselves once again showing great prospects as a top tier DOTA team and are now continuing their run in the Major by successfully defeating Virtus Pro. It is no small feat either as this was another top contender for winners of the major.

Team Secret, to the dismay of viewers, saw themselves losing their first match in the upper bracket against PSG.LGD. They win the second match to make things even. However, a tough opponent came in the third match who proved to be too much to handle. And thus they are now sitting in the lower bracket themselves, with PSG.LGD going ahead in the upper Bracket. Team Secret will face off against OB. Neon next in the lower bracket and LGD will compete with Evil Geniuses to find out who will reach the Grand Final of the Event.

Confident smiles from Team Secret after getting defeated and dropped to the Lower Bracket.

If nothing else, Team Secret is still going to worthy opponents for any team ahead, and if they win their next playoffs, they’ll face Thunder Predator once more, so there will be much for fans to expect ahead from the DOTA 2 major event. Team Secret’s social accounts seemed to have plenty of confidence in their roster as well which only adds to the expectations of viewers. This is one tweet that sums up their current stance quite hilariously;

The Singapore Major Ahead

Virtus Pro and Vici Gaming join Fnatic and Team Liquid to be eliminated, however, they have added some DPC points and prizemoney to their team, with both gaining 200 DPC points each and $12,000 prizepool. If nothing else, Thunder Predator shall now find some success in its pristine run in the early playoffs.

For those expecting, do tune in the coming days for the Singapore Major as there shall be plenty of professional competition to enjoy the best tier DOTA 2. If you’re wanting of another way to enjoy DOTA, you can check out Netflix’s new DOTA anime as well. Plenty of jokes coming for that from the makers too just in time for April Fools. We shall keep you updated on the latest about the Singapore Major and DOTA 2 here in the coming days as well.