Pokemon Go Brings Xerneas To Its Newest Event!

 Pokemon Go Brings Xerneas To Its Newest Event!

Pokemon Go has just put out a trailer showing that they will be debuting two new legendary Pokemon. With the end of the friendship day event, trainers are looking forward to the newest upcoming event. The two new Pokemon will be coming in the upcoming Luminous Legends X event! The new Pokemon to be released are Xerneas and Yveltal. This is big news for Pokemon Go fans as Xerneas and Yveltal are legendary Pokemon that players have been waiting for eagerly.

As the trailer shows both Xerneas and Yvaltal will be released together in the upcoming event. While they are both the main releases, they are not the only Pokemon to be released in the event. As we can find out in the PokemonGoLive website, along with these two legendary Pokemon, many dragon and fairy-type Pokemon will also be released. This will include Pokemon like Spritzee, Swirlix, and Goomy. Xerneas will only be found in five-star raids during the luminous event. Along with this Pancham will also be coming to the game during the raid events. And some lucky players might even get the chance to capture a Shiny Galarian Ponyta in the wild during this event. Not to worry for those who are unable to find the Shiny Galarian Ponyta during this event as it will be available after this event too.

Is There More Coming In The Newest Pokemon Go Event?

Besides the above-mentioned Pokemon, Pokemon Go has also brought in various bonuses for the tournament as well. During the event, Rainy Lure modules will be activated. This module will attract specific Pokemon like Water, Bug, and Electric-type Pokemon. Alongside this Dragonite and Salamence will be able to learn certain attacks during this event. Players will also receive a 3X catch XP bonus throughout the event. Players who have caught a Sliggoo can evolve it into a Goodra during the rainy lure module.

During the event, players will also be able to complete quests when working together. If trainers around the world are able to capture a total of 500 million Fairy-type Pokemon from 1st May to May 9th, they will receive special bonuses from starting on 11th May till 17th May as well. The Luminous Legend X event will start on May 4th at 10 a.m. and end on May 17th at 8 p.m. on local time. This event will last for a total of 13 days.

As for Yveltal the legendary destructive Pokemon. It will debut in the event that will come after Luminous X which will be called Luminous Y. As for this event hopefully trainers will be able to gather a ton of XP during the event as well as capture new Pokemon coming their way.

Ahad Lalani