Players Wait As Riot Pushes Back Agent 16 Release

 Players Wait As Riot Pushes Back Agent 16 Release

With Act III in full swing, Riot has released a new map called Breeze. Of course, Valorant fans were expecting a new agent as well along with the new map. With Episode II Act II bringing Astra, a cosmically themed agent from Ghana to the table. Players expected another agent to be released in the third act as well. There are a total of 15 agents in Valorant at this moment. Riot however is aiming to reach 20 agents by the end of 2021. This has fans wondering where exactly is Agent 16?

The player’s expectation of a new agent was let down by Riot at the time. But it’s not all bad news. As rumors have spread about the new agent, fans have speculated heavily on what type of agent Riot Games would release.

What We Know About Agent 16

While the tweet above had fans believing that the new agent would be Middle Eastern, those beliefs were quickly crushed. As the fans later found out that the tweet was actually hinting at a new tournament called ‘Strike Arabia’. After that fans were left with nothing to go on, as Riot has given no hints as to what the next agent could be. While no one really knows what Riot is thinking to do with the new agent there is however a release date. A possible release date is June 22nd, 2021. This is after the battle pass will expire and will be the beginning of episode 3 act 1.

Of course, all of this is based on rumors as Riot themselves have not given any updates or hints. With Riots need to bring their roster up to 20 by the end of 2021. They will have to act much faster in their upcoming Acts. With episode 2 act 3 ending near the end of June. Riot will have half a year left to reach their quota of reaching 20 agents. While Riot Games might just have gotten an idea of what type of agent they should put out next.

With the overwhelmingly positive response that they had received from fans when a rumor went around that the next agent would be Middle Eastern. While there is no telling what Riot will do next, players can only hope for the best to come. And with Riots aim to build up not just their agents but their maps and weapons as well, this will be an interesting year for Valorant players.

Ahad Lalani