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New Kill Streaks in Warzone – Bombardment, Advanced UAV, RC-XD

Warzone received a bunch of new killstreaks in the wake of mid-season update under the title Season 2 Reloaded. Although these new killstreaks have not been officially announced by Raven yet, players may be getting their hands on these previously rare streaks soon.

Killstreaks and similar features are among the most interesting and exclusive things of Warzone. All you need to get these new killstreaks is to collect as much cash as possible found on the ground. Once you have collected enough cash, walk up to buy stations and purchase the streaks you like. These streaks can give players an effective advantage against any opponent player engaged in battle.

How To Get Bombardment

With that being said, let’s have a look at our first new killstreak that came with the update titled Bombardment. If you are in an area that is flooded with zombies, then you can call in a missile attack over the area using this streak. Although it may not seem like a huge advantage, it does protect you from the risk of being infected instantly.


The process of getting this streak is a bit different from others as players need to go through a number of steps instead of just buying it with cash.

  1. Go to any present Zombie flood in Verdansk and finish the given objective
  2. Find the last Zombie who dropped the Yellow Card and pick it up
  3. Locate and open a yellow crate near the current Zombie outbreak
  4. You will find the Protocol Key inside the crate, grab it
  5. Now with the Protocol Key in hand, go to an open missile silo
  6. The next step is going to the Containment Monitor Station
  7. Now all you have to do is choose the Bombardment option

As we stated earlier, Bombardment only works in an area that has been flooded with Zombies. So a huge part of your kill count will be the undead but the possibility of killing some enemies with it is also there as players always seem to be lurking around that area.

RC-XD, Foresight, and Advanced UAV

Unlike Bombardment, you don’t have to complete a certain set of steps to get your hands on these three new killstreaks. Players can easily buy Advanced UAV, RC-XD, and Foresight by using their in-game cash found on the ground.


Foresight gives you the incredible benefit of seeing all of the circle locations for the entire game. RC-XD, however, gives you the chance to pilot a remote-controlled RC gas bomb. Similarly, players can locate all other opponents on the map using Advanced UAV.

In order to avail these latest killstreaks, players have to go to the Zombies’ area and buy them from Containment Monitor Stations. The price you need to pay to get these steaks is given below:

  • Foresight: 20,000$
  • Advanced UAV: 12,000$
  • RC-XD: 3,000$

This was all regarding the latest killstreaks that players can acquire in Warzone. We’ll make sure to update you if there’s anything new.



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