Gears of War Teams Banned For Breaking the Rules

 Gears of War Teams Banned For Breaking the Rules

The Gears of War pro league Split 2 tournament ended on March 24th. With the ending of the tournament investigations also began. Teams under investigation are Oxygen Esports, Aqui Vamos de Nuevo, and FuryOne. The administration was informed of instances including ‘account recovery’ among these three teams. They have been found to be guilty of this act. Due to these acts players and their teams have all been banned from participating in this and future tournaments.

‘Account recovering’ is when a player lets another player play on their account. This is something that is against the tournament rules. All three teams mentioned above however have participated in these acts and allowed professional players to play on their accounts. Carlos “Addvers” Enrique Padilla Navarro is a professional Gears of War esports player who plays professionally for his team ‘Queso’. He is also someone that played on several accounts of players of the team ‘Aqui Vamos De Nuevo’. This is just one example of several players letting professionals play on their accounts. Players had all let professional Gears of War players play on their accounts in the tournament.

These instances have made the administration take firm action against all three teams. The three teams are banned from playing in the Split 2 and Spring Major tournaments. They will also be unable to take part in the upcoming Spring Major tournament as well. The Spring major will have its qualification matches starting on May 9th. Oxygen Esports, who were the winners of Split 2 Phase 1, will have to return their bonus earnings as well.

The gears handbook clearly states in their rules under code and conduct that “No forms of cheating will be tolerated. This includes software modification, hardware modification, match-fixing, hacking, exploiting game glitches, impersonation (including playing under another Player’s account), competing under multiple accounts (ex. Xbox Live,, collusion, or any other behavior as determined by the Administration or Tournament Organizer.”  And that the result of such actions would be the disqualification of the team as well as disciplinary measures.

The administration has already taken action against these three teams by banning them from this as well as future tournaments. This however will not fix the problem of ‘account recovering’ itself. There is no further news on how the administration will act in the future to prevent such actions from occurring again, but they will have to act in order to prevent future acts of ‘account recovering’.

Ahad Lalani