Esports personalities Jailed In Mexico

 Esports personalities Jailed In Mexico

Rubén Zerecero is known as one of the best Latin-American Esports FIFA players in the past 20 years. He is also a famous actor as well known mainly for his roles in Mexican movies and tv shows. He was well known as the representative of his country (Mexico) in the 2009 FIFA interactive world cup. Christian Nieva is a campaign manager for EA Games and FIFA. These two do not have much in common and would never have been talked about together if it wasn’t for the fact that they both decided to disguise themselves as old men, to try and get the Covid-19 vaccine illegally and gotten arrested for it.

The two of them supposedly dressed up as old men and assumed fake IDs in order to get the vaccine. The vaccine is at this time being distributed only to seniors who are above the age of 60 in Mexico. The pair had come for their vaccination while wearing hoods and dark glasses to cover their faces. This was done as well as keeping masks and face protection on which was needed as medical protocol. This caught the eye of the federal servants who were there and both were immediately detained. When both of their documents were looked over it was found that both had fake IDs and documents and were jailed.

The Consequences of Their Actions?

This occurred on March 27th which is when they were both arrested. Then the two were brought in front of a judge on April 7th. They were both charged with identity theft and forgery of documents, each of these carries a sentence of 4 to 8 years and 9 years. After the hearing, the judge decided that both would be detained and remain in custody until the trial was done.

There are rumors going around saying that this whole thing was done as a prank of sorts. These however are just rumors and nothing has been confirmed as of yet. This also puts into question, what exactly the consequences will be of their actions. As of yet, the judge has only detained them until the trial is over and it will be up to the courts as to what punishment to give them.

What does Esports Mexico Have to say?

Esports Mexico looked to find any statements from Electronic Arts (EA) but was declined and asked for a few moments to figure out what was going on themselves. As of now there has yet to be any response from them but are possibly looking at the situation. While their futures look grim, it has yet to be seen what will actually happen to both of them.

Ahad Lalani