Dying Light 2 Lead Game Designer Does A Special AMA


Tymon Smektala is the lead game designer for Dying Light 2. Dying light did a special YouTube video for the fans of the game, having him answer questions asked by fans. Fans had sent an overwhelming number of questions to them, over 9000 questions were asked by fans. The questions fans asked were mostly connected to the upcoming game Dying Light 2. While the award-winning demo of the game has already had fans hyped for the game. The AMA has fans jumping to ask questions to the team creating the game. Of all those questions Tymon Smektala was able to answer eight questions in total and was also able to go very in-depth into each question he answered.

The questions asked by fans were:

How Big Is The Map Of Dying Light 2?

Tymon has said that the map of dying light 2 is possibly double the size of the first game. “You just take the Slums, you take the Old Town, you combine them and you double the number and that’s roughly the size of the game space in Dying Light 2”. This is what Tymon has said claiming that in size of the area on the map is roughly seven square kilometers. Of course, that’s not the only thing about it, there is also the vertical lane of the game as well. Taken into consideration that the game has buildings built with possibly 2 to 3 stories up. This combined with the skyscrapers and rooftop jumping which enhances the parkour experience inside the game.

What Is The Zombie With Branches On It’s Back?

The zombie shown in the demo is a new type of infected inside the game. Tymon says that he will not spoil too much about this new type of Infected. Considering that they will be releasing more information on the different types of Infected later on. While this was not the only part of the question as the person talked about how the Volatiles were incredibly scary from the first game. Tymon has gone on to say that the Volatiles in the new game will be much scarier. Volatiles were the original games most powerful infected. They were so powerful that the only thing you could do in the game was to avoid them.

Are There Going To Be Zombies At Night Or Wandering On Rooftops?

In the world of Dying Light, there is an ecosystem set in place for Zombies as described by Tymon. Zombies will roam the streets during the night. While during the day Zombies will be hidden in apartments and other places which are dark. While you can still encounter them during the day as well. They will not be as strong during the day and avoid sunlight and UV light, so they will possibly not come out during the daytime. There are still ways to bring them out though by making a lot of noise near where they are roaming. Of course, the zombies are not the only thing the player will have to worry about. Humans and bandits will also be present in the game as enemies as well.

There is also the point of whether zombies will be present on rooftops as well. The rooftops are used by humans to live in so they are much safer. Zombies and other infected will not be present on the rooftops during the day but the night is another story. During the night zombies will be able to move around as they please. They will also be much stronger during the night too.

What About The Guns?

As Dying Light takes place in a type of post-apocalyptic world. Therefore, firearms will not be available as reproducing firearms in a destroyed civilization would be difficult. You will however be able to make a handmade shotgun that can be crafted. This can be done by using the items you find during exploration. The handmade shotgun can be used with your left hand. This means that while you hold your shotgun in one hand you can hold a melee weapon in the other. The shotgun does not last very long as they are handmade.

Of course, you will also have ranged weapons such as bows and other melee weapons like a sword and hammers. This can be combined with the shotgun to make an powerful weapon in its own right.

Will The Grappling Hook Still Be In The Game?

The grappling hook is still in the game. It has also been upgraded and is said to feel more natural and grounded in physics. A more realistic grappling hook means that it will not feel as jumpy as the original game either. As Tymon puts it “With the grappling hook you could almost feel like a Spider-Man. In this game, in the second game, you feel more like Tarzan”. The grappling hook will be much more immersive this time around. An interesting new inclusion is that the new grappling hook can also be used in combat this time around. This means that the grappling hook will not just be used for parkour or traveling but also combat as well.

Will There Be Cars/Vehicles In The Main Game Area?

Most of the game will not have vehicles in it as the team focused more on different methods of traveling. Believing that the game’s DNA is in the parkour and different styles of traveling. They aimed to focus more on making those types of traveling much more interesting. There will however be one mission in which the player will use a vehicle to travel. This was the same mission shown in the previous demo as well. Tymon has also hinted at new and more interesting ways of traveling as well. These will be revealed later on.

How Many Choices Do You Have That Actually Change The World And The Story?

While Tymon does not give us a specific number but he does explain the system of choices in the game. The choices made will be on three different levels. The first level is inside the main game. There are only a few of them but they hold a lot of significance and can change the story.

These first-level choices will also affect how the ending of the story changes and which ending you will get. This means that the first level of choices will have the biggest impact on the game.

The second level is the choices you make during side-quests. Those are mostly contained within those quests but can also change the world around you sometimes. As depending on your choice in one side-quest there will be a character that will show up on your map later on. This will change small details about your world in dying light 2.

The third level is the city alignment system. This is a system of choices that lets you choose which faction takes over specific areas. This could change the gameplay shape and environment depending on your choices. A faction can set up its own forces and things that are under them. This can also be used in gameplay as well so you can use them to fight the infected as well.

How Diverse Are Regions In Dying Light 2?

This was the last question that Tymon answered. The game takes place in a city which is very huge and very diverse as well. There will be two main regions in the city. The first region will be like Old Town and possibly a bit bigger than Old town. The second region will be like a downtown area filled with skyscrapers and such. Within these regions there will be seven zones. These zones can be assigned to factions. Depending on which faction you choose to give the zone to, it could change the way that zone looks and functions.