Dr Disrespect Not Happy With The New Warzone Update

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The popular streamer and CoD pro, Dr Disrespect finally got the chance to play the new Warzone Update. Unfortunately, he is not happy neither satisfied with the changes made in the new update. Especially the new layout of Verdansk.

Players had been eagerly waiting for Warzone Season 3 with high hopes and big expectations. The moment the Nuke Event started players were racing to log in to Warzone to be the first ones to experience the new update. As the climax of the Nuke Event was going to shape the next map of the title.

Unfortunately, the beginning of this event was quite shaky as players experienced issues like servers crashing constantly. However, this issue was instantly fixed by the devs and players finally got the first glimpse of the new Verdansk. Luckily enough, the leaks were true as the new map was actually a 1980’s version of Verdansk.

To our dismay, the new layout of Verdansk only has a few new locations and the rest of it is quite similar to the old Verdansk. Although the layout of Gulag was also changed which is good enough for some players, Doc isn’t truly impressed with the changes made.

Doc’s Take On The Changes In Warzone

As after playing a number of matches on the new map, Doc was asked about his take on the new map. And how does he feel about the changes in Gulag since the previous one was not so great. Doc replied, “I like it”. He further said “Outside of the map changes, the ground loot is cool, the Gulag is ok. Am I blown away? No man. I honestly wanted a completely different map. I wanted to feel like I’m traveling through a completely different area of the world.”

Moreover, the streamer even implied that he could have planned a better update before bursting into his classic laugh. In addition to this, he said “There’s no shot in a year of planning, all they added was a few points of interest to the same map, right? Those points of interest, in comparison to Warzone… Yeah, yeah. I won’t get into the timeframe of what I could do.”

With that being said, it’s highly unlikely that Doc’s expectation will be fulfilled anytime soon as the new map has only just been released. Similarly, given the amount of time it takes for a new update to arrive, Doc will probably have to wait for a very long time to see his dreams come true.