DOTA 2: The Dilemma, TI and Future in 2021

 DOTA 2: The Dilemma, TI and Future in 2021

E-sports; a rising contender for the world’s most successful industries has hinged on a rocky road since the spread of the world pandemic. Yet, where many other professions have succumbed to great tolls, E-sports such as DOTA 2 has exemplified how the digital venue can take the limelight of perseverance with its whole growing online community.

DOTA 2 is one title whose international championship was cancelled during the previous year of 2020, a necessary decision amidst the COVID-19 danger, although a disappointing one for fans. However, have inducted a new approach to what may carry on the currently broken streak of the biggest prizepool-holding event of E-sports; The International DOTA 2 Championship.

The DOTA 2 Dilemma

How important is the DOTA 2 International Championships, what chances hold 2021 to see it take place, and will its Pro Circuit a prime path for dreaming professional gamers that forebodes a justified evaluation of skill and tough competition?

The E-sports Circuit came in January with the news release by Valve. There is currently much argument among the community towards the current streak of the DOTA 2 esports events. The DOTA Pro Circuit is fully underway and has reached the first Major, The Singapore Major, a primary event that distributes points to its winner that can see them participating in the main International stage.

With this first Major sponsored by PGL, One Esports and the Singapore Tourism Board, The Pro Circuit is the administering challenge set for top teams of the successful MOBA title. Although the International scenario had dwindled in the previous year, the E-sports title has seen many improvements in other sects, such as a fully new tutorial overlay inside the online videogame, welcoming hearty growth to its new future player base.

DOTA 2 New Player Approach

The title has also seen extensions of its story and lore and franchise with the introduction of an anime series on Netflix named DOTA: Dragon’s Blood. It has also reached success and has currently become the 6th most-watched series on Netflix, with much adoration shown through fan-made content (largely of a certain passive female companion of the main characters). It almost coincides with an early developer insight before the time of a pandemic lockdown of how the name could grow despite an imminent threat to its yearly International Competition.

DOTA 2 Dragon's Blood Character Marci
A community favourite


Any valuable E-sports team sits at a thin line of dropping out. It hinges all in its case of a consistent small streak loss or failure in the DOTA 2 Major event bracket.

The Singapore Major inducts heavily criticised brackets. Even teams that were primarily successful in their group stages felt the pressure that they could exit fast. An example of this the prodigal performance of Thunder Predator, a team that remained undefeated before main-stage matches. However, now they would face Team Secret, the currently strongest team of Dota.

Thunder Predator, unfortunately, did see themselves getting beat in the first two matches in the Upper Bracket. Team Secret proved themselves once more and dropped Thunder Predator to the lower bracket. At this point, they were just 2 losses away from getting kicked out of the Singapore Major. They could exit with absolutely nothing won, despite their performance in the early stages. This is where the criticism comes at. Arguments spread throughout the community that includes the affected professionals as well as the viewers. There is also a high chance that future events shall likely hold the same manners, thus this situation can repeat.

Kyle, a well known community member shared a Tweet of how he felt towards the working of the event stage:

Later it turned fortunate again, Thunder Predator was able to win with their last chance against Team Aster. They won with a 2-0 victory in a Best Of Three Lower Bracket.

Set precedents however, still show a foggy view of what holds for DOTA 2 in the coming months.

Future of DOTA 2

Hopefully, the consistency of yearly record-breaking streaks of the largest esports prizepool come to happen once more. As for now, DOTA 2 fans can look up to is the next big Patch coming next week. It shall introduce changes as well as another new Hero to the game. Time will tell the identity of the character. Would it be a completely new one or a character from the animated series? Regardless, the Patch shall give a balanced stance to future games.

DOTA 2 Heroes

No confirmed news as of yet if Valve works upon the criticised system of the current DOTA 2 E-sports Pathway. It shall still be a last-minute decision to confirm 2021 is the holder of the 10th International for DOTA 2.