DOTA 2 Stats and New 7.29 Patch Predictions

 DOTA 2 Stats and New 7.29 Patch Predictions

The Singapore Major concludes the first season of this year’s DOTA 2 Pro Circuit. And as a forthcoming for the next big patch-reveal coming presumably this Friday, there is plenty to speculate what it shall hold. What’s confirmed as of yet is that a new hero will be making their entrance to the game alongside usual refresh balance changes coming on to the new patch.

Fan hope lies in what other additions the update may hold. Maybe it brings along the awaited Spectre Arcana that won the Battlepass Arcana Vote. Maybe it mentions news on the next Major where the Pro Circuit continues.

Or in more important discussions, what chances are that there comes a completely new mechanic to gameplay? Will Phantom Assassin be the new position 5 support she was destined to be? Will Luna finally get updates so her 5 Lotus Orbs are viable builds now? A new UI? DOTA 3? Gabe is finally added to the game? Or maybe, the biggest question of all; what chances are that the next hero will be Marci from DOTA: Dragons Blood? And if she’s not, then where do we put all of our fan-art appreciation and love?

Current DOTA 2 Patch Stats

On the serious side thou, the next patch shall lay the foundations will shall most certainly the base of The International if there are any optimistic hopes of it happening this year. Hence looking at the current statistics, here are some things to take into account when speculating what the DOTA 2 Patch shall bring soon.

Most Picked Heroes and Win Rates:

The most hero picked in this patch is, as usual, Pudge. Plenty of missed hooks too. According to Dotabuff accounts, more than 14 million matches were played with pudge. Surprisingly still he has a win rate of just over 50%, sitting at 50.41. All those missed hooks and still a win rate of more than fifty per cent? That smells like a nerf in the upcoming patch to me.

The second-highest pick with a high win rate this time around is Juggernaut. With more than 12 million matches played, he sits at 53.54%. This is fairly (and NERFously) good considering his buffs and additions of a mini slash balance in the current patch. Regularly picked with regular sceptor builds in the Shanghai Major as well, he’ll be most probably seeing some major changes.

New revamped Webpage includes Introductions and stats of every DOTA 2 Hero on DOTA 2’s Website.

Another special case is Wraith King. Right now he has the highest win rate of any carry role hero in DOTA 2 at 54.52%. A big reason for this may be the changes that brought a cool-down confirmed critical to his 3rd Skills. Counting those with his buffs have allowed him to have a high game impact. He’ll definitely be in the patch notes after being played more than 11 million times with that much win rate.

Special Cases:

Puck is an example with a very high win rate alongside having a great impact on the game. It had a 63% win rate with the title of most picked hero in the DOTA 2 Singapore Major. Teams started banning Puck regularly as the Major came to its conclusion. He could be looking at some balance changes ahead.

Tusk is another popular carry that shares its pro-streak with normal pubs. Although not having a high win rate, he saw plenty of picks in normal match-making. Overall he instigates his 4th position role well. Maybe he would be one that could see buffs coming for him ahead to regulate his usage more positively.

Death Prophet and Void Spirit were two that had high pick rates in the Major with balanced stats overall. They both came off as the safer picks who were in neither high nor low stat numbers. This could benefit them to carry on unchanged ahead.

Ogre Magi, Wind Ranger and Shadow Shaman are other high picked support roles with above 50% win rates. Keep them in mind when thinking about what the next patch would highlight.

DOTA 2’s Bottom tier:

Some of the most unsuccessful picks in the current patch are; Nature’s Prophet, Batrider, Shadow Shaman, Leshrac, Io, Terrorblade. All are having heavy downfalls after high pick rates in the last patch. Their failure could look them to having some buffs to get them into the meta once more. Keeper of the Light, Magnus, Kunkka, Snapfire and Sven share similar low win rate stats. This could have them all in the patch.

Faceless Void is completely out of meta right now. And as these changes are going to go on ahead to be used and balanced for the next DOTA 2 TI, there is going to be plenty to read up on in the Hero Changes Section.


Aghanim is taking the limelight in this patch after there is a heavy emphasis on him for skill upgrades. The game is constantly adding more ways of usage and having updates to gameplay. The last patch saw the Aghanim’s Sceptor being a viable build. Upgrades to hero skills currently have too big of an impact in the game and this could pose a big thought whether it remains this way or not.

The Monkey King Bar has become much less popular as Phantom Assassin and Evasion were unhinged. It also accounts for the reason why most of the current meta sits the way it is; with specific Hero Skill Usage Image and Skill Damage being the fundamental highlight for current matches. Physical Damage is much less popular than Magic Spells currently based upon popular picks and win rates. This could pave the way for some Item Buffs to get appropriate heroes back into the game.

New upgrades to the Blink Dagger Item have been quite popular in Item Builds.

Next Patch Speculation

Basic Assumption instils a complete revamp to the meta and gameplay. There is far too much loss rate and non-usage of a large part of the Hero Pool in DOTA 2 currently. If there is anything that says otherwise, it is that the patch will surely be a big overhaul that will change the meta. How is it different from any other change, however? Older patches see normally nimble and subtle changes to just ‘tweak’ parts of the current meta usage. However, this time it is not the case, as the meta overrides far too much to be changed just a little.

It is a probable thought of Icefrog and Devs to make the game as much balanced and regulatory which goes completely the other direction of how the game sits. It is also a normal aim for every single hero and part of the game to be as viable as it can be at all times, hence all this surmounts to the next patch bringing heavy changes.

Game Impact

Game Impact is becoming heavier and heavier with the introduction of new mechanics inside the game, and so does the theme of uncertainty. It goes against the game balance that saw surmising equality when things were much simpler before Patch 7.00. However, the game is continued to evolve and include new ways of usage and versatility in gameplay that is hard to balance out like before.

It will be an aim to reach the same prime as 6.xx patches had, however, it could be a different case. All-in-all, the aim shall be tried regardless.

Spectre Arcana:

A very likely and happy hope is that the Spectre Arcana shall be in the coming patch. Following the usual timeline of Arcana Votes, heroes that win do get their Arcana releases in early March. It is April now, so there is the probability that the Spectre Arcana is all ready to come to the game.

Sad for Void to lose the Arcana Vote and then get nerfed to the void thou.

DOTA 2’s New Hero:

There have been no leaks on any information on who will be the next hero of DOTA 2. We just know that it shall come, and to speculate, there are plenty of choices. DOTA: Dragon’s Blood could be a link to having almost the same timeframe of development and an almost same release window, so maybe our hero could be a character from the anime. Maybe Selemene or Fymryn or Kaden or Marci (no seriously Marci please) could be making their game debuts. This is all speculative, however.

DOTA 2’s new anime series is available to watch on Netflix.

It could be the case that it would be any other character we already know of, maybe from Artifact, as there are certain added voice lines inside the game already that give hints. Some unused voice lines show a topic of a canine hero, like Rix. Kanna, Mazzie, Sorla Khan are all other viable characters that can be used.

The infamous Mind-controlling hero was the speculated topic for the next hero before Hoodwink was teased at the last moment before coming to the game. It could also be the case that the new hero is completely new and unknown.

As of yet, some of the options are all accounting for the Lore already set by the anime and Artifact. Only the official reveal will confirm things if things intertwine further or give completely new stories of new heroes in the DOTA Universe.

Regardless of all of these, we hope this article has given you enough information to help that big brain to work out what the next patch actually brings, and to join that hype train until it does. We have plenty to think about regarding where DOTA 2 shall go from here and where the Pro Circuit ends up.