CoD Mobile World Championship 2021 Announced

 CoD Mobile World Championship 2021 Announced

2020 was a rough year for everyone around the globe. The Coronavirus pandemic, which is still alive in many countries, pushed back everything. As for the esports industry, many companies had to either cancel their events or postpone them. The Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2020 was also canceled during that time, something which left a lot of fans disheartened. But now, things are starting to get back to normal as Activision recently announced CoD Mobile World Championship 2021.

CoD Mobile World Championship 2021

The CoD Mobile World Championship 2021 was announced on April 14. The announcement left every player excited as everyone was glad to see it making a return. For those wondering about the prize pool, Activision confirmed that the Championship will feature $2 million. The best part is that every player in the world is eligible to participate in the qualifiers.

In the second CoD Mobile World Championship 2021, the organizers are taking a different approach. Those who want to participate in the Championship will have to go through four stages in order to reach the finals.

Stage One: Solo Play

The first stage of the Championship will commence on June 3, in which players will need to enter Ranked Solo Play from their mobiles. During a total of four weekends, players will need to earn 60 points in a total of 10 matches. Those who will manage to score the highest points will secure a spot in the next stage.

Stage Two: Team Play

Players who make it to this stage will need to form different teams to participate in Ranked Team Play. These teams will need to play a total of 30 Ranked Matches, and the ones who score the highest will make their way to the next stage. This stage will be a little tough considering only 256 teams will be selected.

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Stage Three: Regional Qualifiers

This is the stage where things will start getting more interesting as the 256 teams will need to compete in the Regional Qualifiers while following a proper bracket system. Considering only eight teams made it through the elimination bracket in 2020, this stage is going to be pretty intense. The top teams will then advance to the next stage.

Stage Four: Regional Playoffs

Top teams for each region are going to compete with one another in this stage. The ones to reach the top will secure a spot for themselves in the Grand Finals.

Stage 5: World Championship Finals

This is going to be the final stage of the CoD Mobile World Championship 2021. In this stage, the top teams from the previous stage will compete for a huge prize pool. The organizers are yet to talk about how the prize pool will be divided.

At the moment, we don’t know the exact date for the World Championship Finals as Activision didn’t mention anything about it. Last year, the finals were scheduled for October, so we can expect the same timeline for this year as well. Some people are also worried that the Championship might share the same fate as the last year’s event. This is because the Coronavirus Pandemic is still ongoing. However, the vaccination process started a few weeks ago throughout the globe, and things will start getting better soon. In the meantime, make sure to check out what Season 3 is bringing to the game.

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