CoD Mobile Season 3 Update: New Weapons, Maps & Release Date

Call of Duty

Call of Duty Mobile is finally close to its Season 3 update. Players are super excited to find out what the update has in store for them. Fortunately, thanks to some early teasers, we now have an idea of all the new weapons, maps and content coming in the update. On top of that, we also know when the players will be able to enjoy the upcoming Season 3.

Ever since its first release, the Devs have left no stone unturned in nourishing CoD mobile to the best of their abilities. To our satisfaction, the game has actually lived up to its name. And now it’s finally getting a new update under the title “Season 3: Tokyo Escape”. The game will be getting a few new weapons along with new maps to keep the players engaged. Furthermore, the devs have also hinted at some exclusive new additions. So let’s just get to it, given below is a complete breakdown of everything we know about Season 3.

Latest Maps in CoD Mobile Season 3

A new map is arguebly the most exciting addition in CoD Mobile Season 3 update. This came to light when the devs hinted at something similar on April 11. A teaser revealed by the devs showed an exclusive location which seems quite similar to Modern Warfare 3’s Oasis. However, we can’t say for sure what exactly will this map hold or which modes it will be available in. But if it is actually inspired from Oasis, it will be a good map for regular team size battles.

On top of that, Coastal is also set to make its way to Season 3. But it won’t be available right away, players will have to wait a bit after the launch of Season 3 to enjoy this map. Although this map is already present in the Chinese version, it’s a completely new design for CoD Mobile.

Latest Guns in CoD Mobile Season 3

All those who have been playing the game from the start already know that an upcoming season will always feature new guns. To our happiness, the Season 3 update is introducing two new weapons. First one is an SMG named “The PP19 Bizon“. This SMG has already been featured in previous Modern Warfare titles. Hence, some of you might already be aware of the pros and cons of the weapon.

Moving on, the second addition in weaponry is a deadly pistol titled “Renetti”. Although a pistol might not seem like an impressive addition, the Renetti has some special specs. Not only is its burst attachment highly fatal but it can also be utilized in Akimbo form.

Riot Sheilds Might Be Coming To Season 3

Now comes the part where the secrets start, every new season has some secrets that are only revealed after it’s launched. The classified question this time is whether we will see Riot Shields or not? “There may or may not be a riot shield coming in some form,” the devs said on April 10. This means that we might get to use the Riot Shield but in a different manner. So we’ll just have to wait because only time will tell how this addition unfolds.

Release Date of Season 3

There’s always a pattern and timeline for every season to end and the next to start, so we can tell when Season 3 will go live. Since Season 2 ends on April 16 it is safe to say that Season 3 will launch right after it. Although no specific time has been given yet, we will keep you updated as soon as an official release date is announced.