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Call of Duty: Warzone Invisible Bug Returns Once Again

COD: Warzone players are facing invisible enemies once again and they are not happy about it. Unfortunately, no one seems to know the cause of this invisibility bug.

It’s not the first time that Warzone players are facing invisible enemies because of a bug. Players used to experience an identical bug that turned enemies invisible previously as well in the game, taking away their right of a level playing field. Although the bug was fixed at the time, players reported the same issue last month in the King Slayer mode of the game. The most unfortunate part is that the bug is not restricted to King Slayer mode alone, it’s widespread.

The cause of this bug is not yet known but players are literally going crazy over this. Players were expecting that the Season 2 Reloaded patch would help get rid of this bug among other glitches. Alas! that’s not the case as the invisibility glitch appears to have evaded the grip once again. Warzone has apparently turned the enemies into Kevin Bacon from the film Hollow Man.

Furthermore, its_iron highlighted the bug issue after the update in his stream where the glitch cost him a match. The bug appeared in the final ring of the match when its_iron and his fellow teammates were close to winning and suddenly they encountered an invisible enemy. They tried their best to tackle the enemy but failed to do so and eventually lost the battle. It seems rather disappointing losing the match at this stage but there is nothing they could have done against an invisible opponent.

Dexerto first reported the bug along with a Reddit user “fcpl“, who posted a small clip of his gameplay where he can be seen taking severe hits and eventually losing the match. Similarly, the gunshots are invisible as well making it entirely impossible to locate the enemy. This entire incident took place in the Plunder mode of the game.

This invisibility bug appears to have some sort of a mortal grudge with Call of Duty as it keeps popping back up again even after the patches. Unlike Roze skin, players of Call of Duty Mobile are also reporting invisibility bugs when equipping a new Phantom skin. Fortunately, Activision is looking into the problem and they are working to the best of their abilities to get rid of this bug for good this time.


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