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Call of Duty: Mobile – Zombies Mode Will Soon Make A Return

Call of Duty: Mobile players are always requesting the developers to add new content so they can enjoy the game even more. Since the game’s release, the developers have introduced many changes to the game, something which has contributed a lot to its success. And now, players will be glad to know that the Zombies mode is finally making a return.

The mobile version of Call of Duty is currently regarded as one of the most popular mobile games out there. The game is played by millions of players every week. Because of its popularity, the developers are always trying their best to keep it as fresh as possible. They do this by adding new content to it from time to time and fixing every bug they can find.

Call of Duty: Mobile

A couple of days ago, some Call of Duty: Mobile leakers decided to do some digging. During the process, they managed to leak a lot of content from the Chinese version of the game. This included a brand new prestige system along with a bunch of new maps. But the leak which left everyone excited was the Zombies mode. Everyone instantly got excited upon seeing it as they all wanted it to return.

Call of Duty: Mobile Zombies Mode Is Returning

Even though the information was shared by reliable leakers, a lot of players were still worried whether this was actually true or not. This is mainly because the developers have always warned players to take leaked information with a pinch of salt as most of the leaked content fails to make its way to the game. This is why most players didn’t get their hopes up too high. However, it is safe for them to celebrate now as the developers recently confirmed that the Zombies mode is indeed making a return to Call of Duty: Mobile.

The announcement was made in the latest community update on Reddit where the developers shared some exciting details. The community update included information about everything, such as new challenges, operators, and much more. Since they knew everyone was waiting for the Zombies mode, the devs confirmed that their original Zombies map, Shi No Numa, will soon become available in the Chinese version of Call of Duty: Mobile. As for the rest of the world, the developers asked them to “hang tight a bit longer” as they are planning to release a new Zombies experience later this year.

At the moment, it is yet to be revealed exactly when the Zombies mode will return. We’ll make sure to let you know once the developers share something.

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